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Matt and Kim @ The Reverb

October 2nd, 2009


When it comes to writing about shows like last night’s Matt and Kim concert at The Reverb, it’s hard to know where to start… but I guess I’ll just kick off at the beginning. From the moment the cute couple from Brooklyn hit the stage (to some heavy Brooklyn beats), you just knew it was going to be a fantastic amazingly fun show. And it was.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Matt and Kim, you might have heard their music without realizing. Their song “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” is that super catchy one in those Community TV promos. They’re kinda like The White Stripes in that it’s just one girl who plays drums (named Kim), and one fellow who plays keyboard (named Matt). What makes them different is that they’re all about having a good time. In their music video for “Yea Yeah” they have food thrown at them. In “Daylight” they jam in those big giant garbage bins. In “Lessons Learned” they get naked in Time Square. So yeah, they like to have a good time.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk about last night’s show…

AH-MAZE-IN! Yeah. Amazing. That good. After their last show in Toronto during NXNE a few months ago I didn’t think it could get any better. But oh no. It did. Believe in the impossible my friends.

As I mentioned before, the two hit the stage to some Brooklyn hip-hop beats. From there they just dove right in head first playing with every single ounce of energy humanly possible, and then some. Announcing that they were going to retire and premier some songs in Toronto, the night was the perfect mix of old favorites and newbies, with some covers stirred in. From “Silver Tiles” (the first song they ever wrote), to songs off their new album Grand such as “Turn This Boat Around” in which Kim helps Matt out on the keyboard (a few chords which she’s very proud of).

There was a million different little moments that made the show memorable, I’ll list just a few cus I know you’re a busy person.
– At the beginning of the show a girl shyly tryed to stage dive and failed. I mean FAILED. Kim called her out on it.
– Matt introducing “Yea Yeah” as the song about the summer of 2009, and stating “I know that it’s cold out, but the summer isn’t over until we say it is!”
– Before “Cinders“, Matt and Kim telling the crowd to go crazy and cut loose. “Everyone dance and just push to the f*ckin front!”
– Lots of little covers such as Europe’s “The Final Count Down” and that dun dun dun HEY! song.
– Being told to “Put your hand in the air!” Everyone does. “OKAY! Now put your other hand in the air!”
– The show being closed with the happy-go-lucky tune “Daylight”, and Matt telling us that it’s the song he’s most proud of.

The best moment of the night? After the set ended with “Daylight”, Matt and Kim both jumped into the audience to give everyone hugs and high-fives! They stayed in the crowd making sure that every single fan got a chance to chat and get a photo. After an hour when there was just 10 people or so left still wanting to say hi, Matt and Kim joked about going back on stage and doing their encore.

All in all amazing. Last night’s show just further proves my theory that Matt and Kim are two of the most genuine and honestly nice people in music. Now enjoy some photos I took and check out their MySpace!


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Photos by Kate Millet

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