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Matt: Read Modesty Blaise

January 23rd, 2009

I’m usually not really into reading fiction novels. I’m a movie geek -I like my facts and real life from books and get my fiction fix from film (kickass unintentional alliteration!).

However…every now and then I find a book that blows my mind that has nothing to do with music or real life. I just finished Modesty Blaise which is actually the first of a series of books based on a popular comic strip that was created in the 60s by a British writer named Peter O’Donnell.

This happens to be the book John Travolta (Vincent Vega) reads every time he goes to the can in Pulp Fiction. And that’s exactly why I got the book (yes I’m a geek). Now I have to geek out even more and search for an original version on eBay. Anyway, if you dig Tarantino, you’ll dig this book – Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill character is based on QT’s affection for the Modesty Blaise character.


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