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Matt Wells: My Non-Interview With Gene Simmons

November 27th, 2007


So I interviewed Gene Simmons last Friday, which I was pretty pumped for. I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to have amazing conversations with legends like Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Slash and Andy Summers from The Police. Gene Simmons…not so much.

Going into this interview I was fully aware that he is perhaps the BIGGEST product and merchandise WH@*%, well, in the history of music, and I was OK with that. He is a smart business man who has made a fortune; who am I to judge just because it’s not the path I would take?

I figured we would talk about all of that stuff, hopefully music and whatever topic the conversation brought to us. Instead Gene only wanted to pimp his new energy drink; he would only do the interview with the Energy Drink “Girls” in the interview and even went so far as to force cans of this drink into the shots and even try to get me to hold it and drink it as we talked. So for this reason…we can’t even air the goddamn thing.

As for me….I just have no respect for him as a person now. I don’t care how “famous” you are, there is just a universal way to treat other people and he walked all over that and over every person in this building last Friday with his $3000 cowboy boots. I know he doesn’t need the press, but Gene, for real dude…it’s called being a human being – look into it.


P.S.: Thanks to Wendy (the best camera machine picture taker person ever) for this shot!

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