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Matte: Of All The Luck!

September 25th, 2007

Monday mornings could be one of the worst days of the week. I mean I could be alone on this one … but then again some people like the smell of their own farts – to each his own! Anyway, this past Monday I’m rushing around getting ready for work doing what I do. I finally get out the door, into my car, and begin driving down the street after returning home once already because I realized I had forgotten my bag. A police officer pulls up beside me and motions to roll down my window – it’s nine in the morning on a Monday, I’m grumpy as Oscar thinking what can this guy possibly want?! If it’s directions, I’ll tell you where to go! Anyway, he asks me to pull over after I make a turn, so I make the turn and pull over thinking why me?! This dude walks up to my window and asks me if I know why he pulled me over. And do you know what he told me? Because I wasn’t wearing my seat belt – are you kidding me, on Monday morning, you’re going to pull me over essentially on my street and give me a seat belt ticket??????? I wasn’t even off my street when he must have noticed, give me a break, I mean doesn’t he read the papers, look at what’s going on in the city right now! But let me guess he’s looking out for my safety. What a way to start the week…thanks BUD!

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