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Meet your top ten Covers Finalist – Kiana!

May 10th, 2011

When Much and Coca-Cola put out a casting call looking for talented singers we expected big things from Canadians. Bieber? Shania? Drake? Celine? Arcade Fire? We’ve always known that this country was heavy on musical talent, but we were blown away by the inspiring submissions we received! Somehow we managed to narrow all the amazing submissions down to an incredible top ten! Today we aim the spotlight on Victoria, BC’s Kiana!

What is your idea of a perfect weekend? Lots of alone time somewhere quiet and peaceful. Throw in a breakfast date or a jam.
What could you live without for a month – car, internet or cell phone? I could most defiantly live without a car.
If you got to date a TV character who would it be? Seth Cohen from the O.C
Backstreet Boys or N’Sync? Backstreet Boys are back!
Beach or forest? Both! I live on the West Coast. I’m hiking the West Coast Trail in a few weekends and will be right next to both the entire way!
If we looked at your bedroom right now we’d see…everything but the floor
If we asked your friends three words to described you they’d say…one said : passionate, funky, talented
The first song I ever sang was…”If I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener”
My style of singing is …shower inspired

Check out more from Kiana here!

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