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Mermaid Academy Is The Only School We Need

July 30th, 2014


Who needs to go to Harvard or Yale when you can graduate from mermaid school?

Yeah, you read that right. There’s a school in the Philippines that teaches a course in being a mermaid. Have my wildest dreams finally come true?

The Philippines Mermaid Academy is taking on the tough task of teaching people the art of “mermaiding”, a word coined by the academy. The revolutionary course teaches how to properly swim while wearing a mermaids tail without floaters, and how to take care of your tail.

The course costs around $40 per person and allows you to frolick on the beach and in the water as if you were actually one of the world’s greatest fictional creatures. They even have scuba diving lessons and a fitness class. It may seem simple but apparently mermaid swimming is a great core workout. No wonder Ariel had such a tiny waist.

And this course isn’t just for little kids and mermaid obsessed girls. People of all ages and genders squeeze into the mermaid tail and experience mermaiding.


This is probably the best news I’ve heard all day. Ever since I first watched Ariel comb a fork through her red hair I’ve wondered what life would be like under the sea. Now I can finally be a part of Ariel’s world. Excuse me while I go book a plane ticket to the Philippines. How long until you think I can recreate this scene?

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