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Merry Wedgemas!!!

December 19th, 2012

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! The crass commercialism, the gifts, the music – what’s not to love?!?!? But seriously I do love this time of year and I do think that there is a large number of Christmas songs that do not make you want to reach for the turkey to numb your pain with tryptophan. This week on the show it’s The Wedge’s Christmas party!!! We have tons of fun planned! Guests! Food! SSSSSOOOOO MMMMMUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH FUN. But we also have Christmas music that isn’t terrible… unless it is so bad it is amazing. Here are five seasonal cuts we weren’t able to feature on the show… Because they don’t have videos.

Fear “Fuck Christmas”
Fear’s most enduring footnote to mainstream music history is probably that the band destroyed the SNL set in the early ’80s. This obscures the fact that they were an amazing band both live and on record. However, they were never the band that one could accuse of pandering to the holidays. Few songs could be accused of holiday pandering less however, than this song. Short brutal and to the point and the point is Christmas sucks so fuck it! Also on the intro you get to hear singer Lee Ving show off the chops he earned as a singing waiter in the Catskills.

Alan Milman Sect “Punk Rock Christmas”
A Killed By Death holiday classic if there ever was one! The “Punk Rock Christmas” song (both legit and fake cash-in novelty) have been around since the punk rock explosion of the late ’70s. This record, while not strictly a cash-in, had motivations that some would describe as less than pure is raised above it’s peers by it’s sludgy production and primal stomp.

Juelz Santana & Starr “Jingle Bellz”
On the show we are playing a Jim Jones video but given Dipset’s love of the holidays and the brilliance of this video, how could we not include another of the Set’s Christmas classics? Sit back and enjoy.

The Wedge airs every Wednesday night at 11:30 PM EST. Follow us on Twitter @MUCHTheWedge.

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