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Metric: Exposed. In 3D, On Ice

January 13th, 2010

Bigger than ever!

So, there’s a band out there. A sorta indie, sorta pop, sorta dance, sorta new wave band. They gotsa sexy as hell lead singer, a questionably high-pitched guitarist, a wicked as hell bassist and yes, they have a (post concert) sweaty ass drummer. They’re the only band that can sport sunglasses indoors and have sex with an entire crowd through music. They are the shit.

They’re Metric.

Metric, oh, Metric. Hailing from Toronto since 1998, Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Josh Winstead and Joules Scott-Key form the best band in the world.

I present to you, a complete exposé of their discography. “Metric: Exposed. In 3D, On Ice,” if you will.

Full-length Records:

Grow Up and Blow Away
In 2001, three years after the group got together, they recorded their first record: Grow Up and Blow Away. It was released later in 2007, but for the sake of awesomeness, let’s start with it. This is the type of record that I’d probably leave on, bedside, to fall asleep to… definitely in a good way though. The tracks on it are so ridiculously relaxing that it’s hard to stay conscious for more than two minutes before drifting off into the wonderful world of complimentary shrimp cocktails in Las Vegas and White Gold.
Notable tracks: Soft Rock Star, Raw Sugar, Hardwire.

Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
In 2003, their second album titled Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? was released. This is definitely a special album. Each track has its own little touch to it. Combat Baby: a hopefulness like no other; Love Is A Place: softness, tenderness, a cleansing; Dead Disco: stand up in class and dance-worthy beats. It’s definitely one of those records that can brighten up your day in say… a count of 2 tracks (at most). Beauty, harmony, strength. All on one track. Can you say win?
Notable tracks: Combat Baby, Wet Blanket, Calculation Theme.

Live It Out
Sex on a CD pretty much. Not that the tracks are about sex or anything (although knowing Emily, I’m sure a couple are). They’re just that good. Live It Out gave birth to three incredible singles: Monster Hospital, Poster of a Girl and Empty, which could all easily qualify for Metric’s best track to date. Every track on this record is absolutely fantastic. The record, mainly consisting of upbeat tracks, was a success, seeing as a Canadian indie band managed to sell over 45,000 copies of the album in the US. Also, note that they released a recorded concert EP that includes most tracks from here: Live at Metropolis.
Notable tracks: Monster Hospital, The Police and the Private and Poster of a Girl.

Their latest album, Fantasies, was released in 2009. And what an album it was. Does a new wave dance party sound appealing to you? Uh, enjoy Fantasies. Honestly, that’s the best way to describe it. A HUGE ASS DANCE PARTY. Each track gets your ass bouncing, your arms flailing and your head banging.
Notable tracks: Sick Muse, Satellite Mind, Gimme Sympathy and Gold Guns Girls.

Mainsteam EP – Slow, quiet tracks. Nice though.
Static Anonymity – Also slow and quiet. Listen to Down.
Live from Metropolis (DVD) – Video recording of Metric at Metropolis in Montreal.
Plug In Plug Out – Acoustic versions of 6 songs from Fantasies.

Hope this discography exposé got you loving Metric even more than you did before. But yeah. Metric is amazing. Happy listening!

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