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Miley Cyrus: Wheat-free is the Whey

April 11th, 2012

Miley Cyrus has come out addressing rumours that she is anorexic through her Twitter explaining, “For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!” She then encourages that, “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!”

Before everyone starts to throw away their bagels, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that having an allergy of any kind can be very serious. Karen Ansel, dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spoke to TODAY Health explaining that, “There’s absolutely no evidence that a gluten-free diet promotes weight loss.” She elaborated, “However, there is data that indicates that following a gluten-free diet can result in a diet that’s low in key nutrients – especially iron, zinc and B vitamins such as folate and niacin.”

If there’s anything that we can take away from this it’s that we should always consult a health professional before embarking on anything that might effect our physical or mental wellness. Also we should recall that Miley Cyrus is an entertainer and not a nutritionist and if we ever want to lose weight with Miley, it should be done dancing to Can’t Be Tamed. Or Party in the USA because that’s our favourite.

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