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PLL Episode 7: Missing Persons, Missing Files & Missing Mommas

December 26th, 2010

"A" is still alive and kicking!

If you thought last week was explosive with the homecoming dance, Emily’s attack, and the girls learning the truth about Toby and Jenna…guess again! This week, the fallout is worse than a warzone! Friends fight, Rosewood citizens go missing, and Aria watches her family fall apart.

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Jenna sends her love
Emily is alive and kicking (well, with a cast and a few bandages) after her mysterious attack at homecoming (we all know Toby and Jenna were lurking around the hall of mirrors when she fell…). But, her dutiful date Toby scooped her up, anonymously dropped her at a hospital, then bolted town on his motorcycle. Just what every girl imagines for her dream date!

Even on strict bed rest, Emily gets a lot of action this episode. She finally has a heart-to-heart with Hanna, the only other girl who knows about Maya. Hanna tells her to follow her heart (I know I said this last week, but I love Hanna – she’s so innocently blunt, it’s endearing!). Emily goes to find Maya, first giving her a heads up their lip-locking photo shoot may haunt them, and secondly, to tell her she doesn’t care – she wants to make this work! Woo whoo! Go Ems!!

Emily also gets paid a visit by Jenna! Not only does she demand Toby’s file, she let’s Emily know she’s well aware of what Allison did, and what the girls know about Jenna’s accident.

Hanna finds a new man!
Hanna wants to ditch Toby’s file. She’s practically in handcuffs already (shoplifting, mom sleeping with the p-force, trashing Sean’s car). And, working off her debt to society is exactly how she managed to get the file in the first place. So if the po-po’s track the theft back to her – she’s a goner (Poor Hanna!). So after a huge fight with Spencer (a fight you wouldn’t believe – calling her out on her stolen essay and that she comes from money – oh yeah, Hanna went there!) Hanna dashes the file in a river, solving all their problems. That is, until the next commercial break….

Hanna and Sean are sooooooo over! After attempting to recreate the homecoming magic for the yearbook (attempting and failing miserably) Hanna gets closer to the yearbook geek from the Abstinence class. And a budding romance starts!

Sean pulls a d-bag move sending Aria flowers to make Hanna jealous, but Aria totally calls him out on it (I loved that scene!). So now, Sean is trying to play nice with Hanna again.

PPL's resident referee!
This brings us to Aria’s problems. Playing referee between Spencer and Hanna, Mom and Dad, her brother and his anger, and dealing with Erza, Aria doesn’t even have time to worry about “A”. Her brother starts fights at school now, which Aria and Sean have to break-up. This is after his parents can’t even attend his soccer games together. Mommy wants Daddy out of the house. Daddy doesn’t want to play the bad guy and refuses to leave. So Mommy leaves instead. I didn’t see that one coming…

As for Mr. Erza Fitz, he’s as missing as Toby. But when Aria checks his apartment, she learns he left town for a job interview in another state. And somehow she thinks that’s a bad idea. Know what else a bad idea is: getting arrested for being with a minor.

Spencer lives like commom people live...
Spencer tries to make things work with country-club boy, and realizes that people see her the same way Hanna accused her of being – a pompous, spoiled rich kid. So, she rolls up her sleeves, and helps her man in the country club kitchen. In the end, Spencer and Hanna make up.

The episode ends with the police finding Toby’s motorcycle, mangled and mashed up, delivered to a crying Jenna. And a black-gloved hand (the same one from last episode!?!) grabbing Toby’s wet files from the river. And “A’s” only text message for the episode, sent to Emily – “thanks for getting Toby out of my way”.

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…Don’t Miss A Single Secret From Pretty Little Liars!

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