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MMVA09: UR FAVE International Video

May 20th, 2009


The battle rages on, goodfellows, and it is up to the power of your votes to decide who shall reign supreme on June 15th. Five worthy candidates, one trophy that will rise high in the air, proclaiming that (SOMEONE) IS UR FAVE INTERNATIONAL ARTIST!!

Let’s take a deeper look at the nominees, mmmkay:

Jonas BrothersBurnin’ Up (Vote!)

Not gonna lie, these bros may have a leg up on the competition right now. I mean, we already know how many of you will sleep on the street overnight just for a chance to catch a glimpse of these rapscallions. Pandemonium ensued at the Jonas Brothers Live@Much last year, and we expect something more immense to take place on MMVA night. These guys released the album A Little Bit Longer in 2008 and are about to drop their fourth album a week before they take on co-hosting duties, not to mention an upcoming tour that will cause frenzies all over the world.

Katy PerryI Kissed A Girl (Vote!)

It was this video that launched a new star – a star who embraced her newfound celebrity by gallavanting with giant fruits and elaborate costumes. You may have found her first single to be overly gimmicky, but you can’t hate on a gal who knows that this life is not meant to be taken seriously. She appears on stage in giant bananas and clamshells, jumps out of apples in worm costumes, adorns her head with gargantuan fruit baskets, all the while making fun of ex-boyfriends in song. The lady has fun, and we dig that.

Lady GagaPoker Face (Vote!)

Now for the opposite of Katy Perry, a performer who takes her art so seriously that you’re not sure how to interpret it. Is it a gimmick? Is it from the heart? Will she ever lose her poker face and laugh for once? Whatever, all we know is that it WORKS, dammit. She’s pulling #1s out of her camel toe and artists are praising her for ingenuity and pop savvy. But does she have what it takes to win your votes in this category?

Lil WayneA Milli (Vote!)

A million here, a million there… votes, that is. Will your votes swing Wayne’s way? There’s no doubt the dude had a humongous year – but it wasn’t until last summer that he became a mainstream household name. Before then he was a god on the mixtape and southern hip-hop circuit, but wasn’t exactly appearing on red carpets. In less than a year he’s gracing magazine covers, talking to Katie Couric and even your weird uncle knows who he is. That’s a rise to stardom, baby.

WILDCARD: Britney SpearsCircus (Vote!)

Hard to believe that Britney wasn’t nominated in this category to begin with, what with the hella positive year she’s been having. The girl pulled an almost full 180 (168?) and whalloped us in the face with a solid album and a successful tour (that she hasn’t bailed on). She’s not freaking out in public, she cut back on frappucinos and she’s looking supa hot. Thanks to your votes, Brit is now a very worthy nominee in this difficult category – and if anyone knows how to rock a comeback, it’s this betch.

Who’s it gonna be, Paco? Vote now and tune in on June 15th @ 9pm ET to find out who takes it!!

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