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MTV VMA: The “A” List!

September 6th, 2010

Sun-kissed skin, long legs that go on forever, ripped muscles, flawless skin, sparking earrings, sexy fedoras, sharp suits….the list of why watching the “A” list arrive on the RED CARPET goes on and on. Plus, you get to see music stars laughing it up with movie stars chilling with TV stars hanging out with reality stars. MTV knows how to keep it real on the red carpet!

Entertainment’s hottest and brightest know no bounds when arriving at an MTV show, so make sure you don’t miss them strutting their stuff when they start to arrive for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday September 12, 2010 @ 9PM ET on Much!


I wonder what Gossip Girl would say if she saw Nate Archibald and Blair Waldorf walking down the red carpet in ’09? They may be far from New York’s Upper East Side but they definitely know how to make jaws drop wherever they go! Give it up to Chase Crawford and Leighton Meester. Don’t miss a sneak peek of the fourth season premiere of Gossip Girl immediately following the 2010 MTV VMAs!


How about this memorable pair? Did Beyonce think even for a second that they would go down in MTV history for one of the biggest jerk moves ever? Not that it’s either of their faults (cough cough KANYE!). But they sure as hell rocked the red carpet when they arrived! Doesn’t Taylor Swift look like a princess?


From TV stars and music stars, here are our movie stars! Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene should be ready to throw down on the red carpet (not that there’s anyone on earth who doesn’t know this but one’s a vamp and one’s a wolf and they don’t play nicely with each other). While I know some of you are wishing they were ripping each other’s clothes off in a fight to end all fights, they were posed with classic Hollywood glam on the red carpet!


And this is the best part of seeing entertainment’s “A” list walk down the red carpet – you get to see them chill with each other. Not one by one on some talk show or giving an interview with their co-stars. They are meeting up with friends, making new ones, and catching up with old ones all in front of our eyes. Chech out Greenday and Shakira - who knew they would hang out with each other?

Check out more “A” listers arriving on the read carpet from awards shows past HERE.

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