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Much Made It Happen: Justin Bieber and Dan Kanter

August 13th, 2014

Dan Kanter and Justin Bieber

Back in 2009, a 15-year old Justin Bieber had us shocked when his homemade YouTube videos drew thousands to the Much studios to see Bieber co-host MOD with VJs Leah Miller and Devon Soltendieck. It was the Biebs first time at Much and in addition to his co-hosting duties, Justin would also be making every teenager in Canada scream with an acoustic performance.

Justin’s team hit a snag when they were short a guitar player for Bieber’s MOD performance. Then a session musician and Masters student at York University, Dan Kanter got the call to fill in for the one-time gig.

Bieber and Kanter First

Five years later and Kanter is still Bieber’s musical director and lead guitarist.

Of course, we didn’t create Much for the praise or accolades, but we’re totally owning this set up. Here’s a reminder of all the great things to happen since Justin and Dan teamed up AT MUCH which we are TOTALLY taking credit for. You’re welcome, universe.

This matching dress shirt, tie and vest combo.


This matching all-white combo.

Dan Kanter and Justin Bieber

This less impressive, but still cute all-black combo.


This performance of the fan-penned Dan Kanter Song by Justin with guitar riffs courtesy of an unimpressed Dan Kanter.

This giggly jam session.

giggly jam

This example of the heavens shining down only for the two of them.


This album, which Kanter produced for Bieber.


This example of their partnership literally causing fires to spontaneously break out.


This song, which Bieber and Kanter wrote together.

Much is turning 30 and to celebrate three decades of ground-breaking, iconic, and sometimes straight-up insane moments (oh, we’ve had our moments) we’ll be taking a look back at some of the most memorable interviews, performances, specials and more. We’ll be compiling the best of the best of the past 30 years, as well as a look towards all the amazing things to come in the future of Much. Keep an eye out for posts like these as well as many others with the hashtag #ForeverYoung.


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