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MUCH VJ Search Ep. 2: Vancouver Challenge

April 2nd, 2013


The VJs are meeting and greeting for the first time before they interview Luke Bilyk and Jessica Tyler from Degrassi. Find out what went down tonight’s premiere of the MUCH VJ Search and see who was sent home after the jump!

Watch new episodes of the Much VJ Search Reality Show every Monday to Friday at 6E/3P followed by the MUCH VJ Search Post Show at 6:30E/3:30P.

It’s the first day of the VJ Search and that means everyone is meeting for the first time! Yay! So fun! Let’s all pretend we’re not side-eyeing each other! We’re only two seconds in and have learned that Ryan has a crush on Alexandria and possibly Lauren. Or maybe this is just how he greets everyone. Seriously, dude needs some boundaries.


Lauren tells the camera that she’s only interested in a ‘showmance’ if it helps ‘show her the money’! Jokes on her. We pay our VJs with expired gift cards. Kidding! Or am I…


Nash talks about being openly gay and wanting to represent the underdog on the VJ Search. At least I think that’s what he said. I can’t hear him over his shirt. His shirt is busier than Walmart on Black Friday. His shirt is so busy that you can’t even leave a voicemail. His shirt is so busy that by the time it got to his sleeves it gave up on making a pattern. And I’m done.


Kelsey says that he’s here for a good time, not a long time. He probably didn’t think that comment through.


Enough of the pleasantries, let’s get to the competition! Host Lauren Toyota drops a bomb and tells the hopefuls that two of them are going to be cut before they even make it on the bus. Wait, not riding in a bus across Canada is the punishment? I kid. But seriously, I would hurl before we made it out of the parking lot. Nash looks nervous that he won’t make it on the bus and get to show Canada the rest of his shirts. It would be a loss for all of us.


Thankfully, Lauren does have two pieces of good news. First, the VJ hopefuls will be helped throughout the competition by the mentors Liz, Phoebe, Damian, T-RexXx and Scott. The mentors will be watching the competition from the MUCH Studio and sending Edges to contestants they want on their team to help them make it to the Top 10.


The next piece of news is even cuter! The first challenge is all about interview skills and to prove they have what it takes to be a MUCH VJ, the hopefuls will get two minutes to interview Luke Bilyk and Jessica Tyler from Degrassi!


The hopefuls have 10 minutes to go over the research package they’ve been given to prepare for the interview, but what they don’t know is that some of the information is incorrect. Drama gets called to the bus and receives the first Edge from Liz, who clues Drama in on what facts are actually fiction. Seems like a waste of an Edge. I would have pegged Drama for a die-hard Degrassian.


Tyson and Nash have the best interviews and Nash wins immunity for the next challenge! Canadian TV has not seen the last of Nash’s amazing shirts. Ryan celebrates Nash’s win by picking him up. Seriously, someone teach this guy how to high five or something. He’s going to throw his back out before they hit the Prairies.


Brandon, Kelsey and Myron are in the bottom three. Brandon lacked confidence, Kelsey went silent for extended periods of time and Myron choked on his choke that he choked on. His words, not mine. But they’re kinda true.


In the end, Myron and Kelsey are sent home. Myron takes his exit with grace and says that he’s proud of himself for making the Top 20. You go, Myron!


Kelsey takes the news much harder and sheds some tears and some dreams.


On the next episode of the VJ Search, the hopefuls must host a segment while tubing in Banff. Barbara Walters would totally nail this.


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