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My Date With Marianas Trench!

July 14th, 2010

My Date With Marianas Trench

MuchMusic is airing a brand spankin’ new MDW tomorrow night with none other that Marianas Trench! Whooooot! The episode airs Thursday July 15 at 8:30pm ET but you can get a sneak peek right hurre from MDW winner Kelsey! Check out Kelsey’s blog on the date plus pics of her with the guys!

For more MDW action and to find out how to enter for MDW click hurre!

When I entered the contest for “My Date With Marianas Trench” I never imagined that I would receive an email telling me that my video made it into the top four. When I received the email I cried and ran upstairs to tell my mother that we had a party to plan. All that was running through my mind was would my friends be able to attend on such short notice, how was I going to decorate my house and how would I deal with it if I lost.

The day MuchMusic came to my house I was very nervous, but yet at the same time very excited and anxious. It was a hectic day. I had to buy last minute things for the party, go to school, pick up friends and come back home all before 4 p.m. On the bus I got text messages and calls from my friends telling me that I won and not to be nervous. Of course I said “What makes you so sure?” Their replies were, “You have a tattoo of a Marianas Trench song. That is a permanent thing, which shows you can’t exactly stop being a fan of theirs so easily.” When we all got back to my house I received a phone call from MuchMusic saying that they were on their way but they were running a little bit late. I hung up the phone and screamed. Before I knew it I saw a MuchMusic car and a limo come down my street. Then a knock at the door came with an envelope. When I opened up the envelope, I didn’t know what to expect. Was I a winner or was I a loser? I continued to open it, when I looked inside it was empty! I had no idea what was going on. All of a sudden I see Tim Deegan knocking on my door (lets just say he was the highlight of my whole party). Tim asked, “What was in the envelope?” I replied saying “Nothing.” And that’s when I was told to pack my bags because I was flying out to Vancouver, BC!

When I arrived at the Vancouver airport it still didn’t feel like I actually won. We got our luggage and got introduced to our ride (A NAVIGATOR…WHAT A SWEET CAR!!!). When we arrived at the hotel my friend and I got surprised with loads of Marianas Trench goodies along with a note. After that we headed out to do some shopping at West 49 (we took hours looking for outfits). When we arrived back at the hotel we just chilled, hung out in the hot tub, got a bite to eat…then headed to bed because we had a very early morning.

The next morning we were scheduled to have our hair and makeup done for the date. It defiantly felt as if I was living the life of a rock star. After hair and makeup we had some time to our selves (we were in Vancouver, why not go shopping?). After that we headed back to the hotel and it was finally time for the date. We were in the hallway of the hotel and all you could hear were guys laughing. THIS WAS IT! We knew they were in there. As I opened the door I had no idea what to expect. Would they jump or would they be hiding? On the bed I saw a person under the blankets. I looked to my left and saw Mike Ayley and in the corner an umbrella with legs. I was so speechless that I had no idea what to say or do. So, we pulled the sheets off the bed… and out pops Josh Ramsay and then Matt comes out from behind the umbrella. Someone was missing..IAN! My friend goes and opens up the bathroom door and there’s Ian. We got hugs, then we headed out for the date!

As we arrived all I could see was a sign that said Vancouver Aquarium. We entered through a back way and everyone was trying to snap pictures. We then headed to the dolphins. The instructors gave us the rules and taught us the hand moves for tricks. After that it was time to pat the dolphins. What a blast!!!!! We got to pat them, feed them (I screamed when I held the fish, but by the end of the day I managed to do it without screaming), and we got to take pictures with them. After that we headed inside the main building and that is where we found a table set up for dinner, which was right in front of the beluga tank. You can say it was a romantic dinner! After dinner it was time to say goodbye. I gave them all gifts and we got pictures and autographs. I asked the band to sign very carefully as I had a special plan, which I followed through with!

This trip was unbelievable, I still can’t believe it actually happened! Thank you to MuchMusic for making this whole trip a reality and not just a dream. Thank you to Tim Deegan for being an amazing friend for the weekend and my friend Sanya for telling me about this contest, my friend Erin for tagging along with me on the date, my friend Bonnie for filming my audition video, my friends who attended the party… And finally thank you to Marianas Trench for being a great group of guys, and taking the time to go on a date with my friend and I.

Written by Kelsey

All photos courtesy of Kelsey

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