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My First Week!

April 28th, 2006

So today is Friday, the last day of my first week. This has been so much fun, I can’t wait to come into work on Monday. I have loved working with all the people here and all the other VJs are absolutely great. I know a lot of people give us VJs a hard time a lot but really guys, they are awesome and do their job well. It’s not as easy as it looks, there is a lot that goes into this whole production.

I’m not complaining at all, I’m thrilled to be here! Really I am still so gratetful to be where I am and thanking you all again just seems like the right thing to do. MOD is amazing fun and I’m also learning a lot just from making mistakes, and the best part about it is laughing at yourself. I have made some small edits with some producers and they are pretty funny, corny at times and lots of fun.

There have been hard things to work through. Living here by myself is different for me, I’ve always had a roommate before so now it’s kinda lonely. I say kinda because everyone has been so nice and welcoming here in Toronto. I always lived close to Toronto so I’m semi familiar with the city, but I want to thank everyone who has come down to MuchMusic or stopped me on the street to say hi or congratulations. It’s meant a lot to me and really helps me settle in here, you guys rock! And not just the people in Toronto, but the ones that read and comment on my blogs, and definitely all the ones that voted me here – wow.

Soooooo I also wanted to tell you guys about yet another band, Rides Again. They are the band I had play at my concert I held as a pep rally/fund raiser. They are amazing and I would love for you guys to listen to them and tell me what you think, and if you have one song of theirs that you like the most. Their web site is or or, so let me know what you think, and leave a comment on their sites. They would love to hear from you guys.

So thanks again everyone, you are all amazing and remember: like what you want to like, be who you want to be, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because not everyone is going to like you. At the end of the day all you have is yourself, so be true to yourself. Don’t love this band just because I’m asking you to check them out, like them if you like them. I’m just trying to bring new music to your attention, if you like it awesome! Cuz these guys are amazing people as well as musicians. I leave it all up to you!



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