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My So-Called Life Lives On!

October 30th, 2007

my so called life dvd set blog edit 2.jpg

The Greatest Show On Earth continues to entertain – and I’m talking about, of course, My So-Called Life, that mid-90s show that truly explored the awkwardness that is the High School experience with refreshing honesty. And even more than 10 years later, it’s still damn refreshing.

The complete series (all 19 episodes) is now available on DVD with seven commentary tracks, an interview with Claire Danes, and a book with notes on the show from Joss Whedon, Janeane Garofalo and creator Winnie Holzman, and more.

The DVD set I bought a few years ago had none of this stuff and it cost me an arm and a leg. And you know what? I’ll probably go out and buy this one as well. ‘Cuz I’m a super fan. I even took this quiz and SHOCKINGLY only scored 75%. I was furious… but at myself. I haven’t spent enough time with Angela & Rayanne & Rickie lately. Hopefully with this new DVD set, I can get myself back up to 100%.

Oh – and this is just in time for Christmas, which is fitting since their holiday episode was, like, the most heartbreaking thing ever.

F**K! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! (So does Entertainment Weekly apparently – their review rocks.)

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