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New Jan Jans Video!

January 9th, 2008


Janet is heavy like a first day period. She says so. And let’s not kid ourselves here – and I can say this, cause I once spent $700 to see her in concert (plane ticket included) – Le Jax has been a little, shall we say, dry lately. Her period has been dry. Not a lot of musical bleeding. Maybe making our ears bleed. But I digress.

ANYWAY, IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Jans Jans is back with a single that’s gonna make people forget about Nipplegate and the last two albums. (Mid tempo?! Janet, yes, people like to have relations to your tunes, but that won’t buy you new fans. People want to dance. You like to dance. Together, the world can dance once again.) The song is called “Feedback”, and a few weeks ago, iTunes fast-tracked it because of overwhelming demand. The beat is sickage. We could only expect an old-school standard Janet video, right?

Ohthankjeez. The new video is awesome. Especially the last couple of minutes – the dance sequence is classic Jackson fabulousness and the ending is super cool. Watch it now, and BELIEVE IN MISS JACKSON IF YOU’RE NASTY ONCE AGAIN!

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