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New.Music.Live.: Dev is the Brain Behind the Beats

December 8th, 2010

Hey everyone! It’s Brian from the New.Music.Live. team here. So, we all know Far East Movement’s big hit, “Like A G6”, right? And, we all love it, correct?

It’s one of those perfect club songs that makes everyone shake what their mamas gave them, no matter what kind of music they’re into. But, when I heard their follow-up single, “Rocketeer”, I was very unimpressed. The song just seemed so… bland. Especially when you compare it to the booming bass beats of “G6”.

So, that caused me to wonder, what made “G6” such a good song?

The short answer is Dev: the inked hipster pixie who sings the chorus in Far East Movement’s big hit.

Did you know that the chorus in “Like A G6” is actually a sample from Dev’s own song “Booty Bounce”? Well, you do now. And, dare I say, “Booty Bounce” is a much better song.

Another part of the formula is the producers behind Dev, The Cataracs. The California production duo discovered Dev on MySpace (how cool is that!?!?) and have basically made her their protégé. Together, they create the wall shaking beats and the smooth party girl flow that made “G6” such a hit. And Dev is letting the world know she’s the real deal, with her new single “Bass Down Low”.

At first, it may be easy to say “Lame! This song sounds just like Far East Movement”, but it’s really the other way around. Dev’s the one we should all be getting down to while we’re gettin’ slizzard in the clubs.

- Brian
New.Music.Live Team


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