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New.Music.Live.: Finger Eleven Is Coming To Much!

December 6th, 2010

Bonn’s excited. Why you may ask? Because he’s got his first interview coming up! That’s right. On Wednesday, December 15th, Bonn (why am I talking in the third person?) will be talking to Finger Eleven on New.Music.Live.

I couldn’t be more stoked. It’ll be my first interview on the new show and to be kicking it with a band that I’ve been listening to for years, well, what more could you ask for really? Other than Britney Spears of course…

I think I first heard Finger Eleven blasting from my sister’s room when I was a kid. I knew when I heard the song One Thing I was going to be a fan – how could you not? So I ended up stealing the CD from her room and it’s still in my collection today. Don’t tell her I have it, she is a mean drunk.

My favourite song from their new album Life Turns Electric has to be “Love’s What You Left Me With”, I’m kind of hoping that they play that one when they’re here…

Finger Eleven’s touring right now throughout the US, with stops in Chicago and Milwaukee. Then they’ll be taking a well deserved holiday break right after they hang out with us in the New.Music.Live. studio! They’re going to be playing live on our brand new stage so call 416.870.6824 to be in the audience if you know what’s good for you.

Looks like Christmas is coming early for this Bonn kid. Fingers crossed the interview goes well. All eleven of them.

- Bonn
New.Music.Live. Team


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