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News for Monday: Angry Animals Issue

May 4th, 2009

* Surprise surprise, Wolverine tore up the box-office (with its adamantium claws) this weekend. I hear from reliable sources that the whole thing is kinda generic, though. Hmm.

* Nickleback‘s Chad Kroeger is getting sued for punching another dude in the mouth. I’d make a joke about how the guy was probably insulting Chad’s band… but I think it’s implied.

* Demi Moore is stepping up to defend Madonna against media flack for dating a younger man. Which doesn’t make any sense: cougars don’t travel in packs.

* Next on ‘When Animals Attack’, I mean, also in news: Grizzly Bear wants to hunt down Snoop Dogg in Tennessee… to collaborate. Clearly, this was the only logical step from the Bear-Cat song.

* Coldplay are being accused of having plagiarized their song “Viva La Vida”. Yes, once again. The big question: can you plagiarize the same thing from three different people?

* Sugar Ray are going to be releasing a new album soon. Yeah, big deal: so are Spinal Tap. Honestly, I am more excited about the news from the joke band than this other band who sorta became a joke.

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