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News for Thursday: Frontmen Flashbacks and Film News

May 7th, 2009

* In Twilight News (because we are waiting for the new film with baited breath): not-so-little Dakota Fanning has arrived in Volterra Vancouver, while Alice (aka Ashley Green) has a crush on Kings of Leon. Who doesn’t?

* Chris Brown‘s lawyer is apparently planning on defending his client by pointing the finger at whoever leaked pictures of Rihanna’s injuries to the media. So the media printing a picture from after the argument caused this whole fuss? Suuuure.

* Those mysterious sources are saying that Lindsay Lohan and sorta-ex-Samantha Ronson might get back together yet again. Come on people! Make up your minds! You’re acting worse than Kate and Jack!

* Kylie Minogue is going on her first North American tour I’m sure this would be more exciting if it wasn’t happening during her fourth or fifth comeback.

* Next on Reunions from the 90’s: Third Eye Blind. GOSH. Will these flashbacks never stop?

* Interpol‘s frontman is gonna be a skyscraper! Even if that makes no sense, at least there’s new music involved.

* Eminem Explores his Inner Nerd, Appears in Comic Book. Wait, what?

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