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News for Tuesday: Single White Glove Edition

June 30th, 2009

* If you had tickets for one of MJ‘s 50 future concerts in London, looks like you canget a full refund… or a souvenir ticket?. That’s probably not a good trade.

* In related news, Michael Jackson‘s radio play has jumped 1735%, which would probably be the biggest number ever, except for the number of news stories about Michael Jackson, which is up a million bajillion percent.

* Season Eleven (11!) of Law and Order SVU: Yesssssss!

* F***ed Up Wants to push Bruce Springsteen into the Glastonbury mud!

* How this for an unlikely combination: Bob Dylan is gonna feature on a song on the new Beastie Boys album, Hot Sauce Committee. Man, that’s like putting mustard and pickles on your birthday cake. WEIRD.

* Nobody likes a tourist! Want to rid them from your photos? This application will photoshop ‘em out!

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