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News for Wednesday: Hissy Fits and House Fights

May 13th, 2009

* As if she didn’t have a messy enough life already, now the Los Angeles Police are telling Lindsay Lohan to clean her house.

* This isn’t High School Musical anymore: Vanessa Hudgens (aka Zac Efron‘s gf) goes on record saying she’d, er, remove her clothing in a movie she was “passionate about”.

* The Barenaked Ladies are getting their own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavour! If I had a million dollars, I’d want my own ice cream flavour as well… (too far?)

* Kanye West is getting angry about people making fake twitter accounts claiming to be him. Sadly, I think he’s misdirecting his emotions…

* How to make young children too hip for school: It’s the Indie Rock Colouring Book! Better save your Electric Blue crayon for MGMT.

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