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News for Wednesday: Stuff You Thought Would Never Happen Edition

May 27th, 2009

* Getting teh internets all hot and bothered today is this delightful Twilight display. But hold onto your horses, kids; it’s only for pretend.

* E-town Rapper Cadence Weapon is going to become Edmonton’s Poet Laureate (or official master of words) as of this Canada Day. Dude! It’s like rap is suddenly getting some serious cred, and hopefully a fancy hat. Fingers crossed on that hat action.

* So listen. If you were divorced (let’s just say), and then you wanted to get married again, would you really do it in your ex’s backyard? Meg White did… but then those crazy White Stripes have always been unique.

* In ongoing festival news: more Montreal V-Fest performers are announced, and the line-up doesn’t really get any better. Except for David Usher, he is pretty chill.

* So Aqua (yes, that “Barbie Girl” Aqua) are releasing a best-of album on which they have a new single. This is working out to be one scary year for reunions. Personally, though, I’d rather see them back together than LFO.

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