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News for Wednesday: Underwear, and Underhanded Unions

May 6th, 2009

* So much for singing in a church choir! Today’s big reveal is that Katy Perry once got secretly married (?!), just to upset her folks. Oh, teenage rebellion! How cute!

* In unnecessary-exposure news: Mrs. “Posh Spice” Beckham is now appearing on a 20-foot banner in NYC for Armani Underwear. I believe we’ve already seen enough, no?

* Hot on the tail of Wolverine (or claws, as the case may be), word is that Deadpool (played in the movie by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds) is getting his own movie spin-off. This could be hilarious, and hopefully not hilariously lame, like SOME people. I’m talking to you, Hugh Jackman.

* SOMEONE is getting a little too into his day job: Kiefer Sutherland headbuts a dude! This is neither 24 nor the world cup, Kief.

* The 90’s get a little clearer every day: Our Lady Peace are releasing a new album. I hope it’ll be awesome and not just another retro-throwback (*ahem-sugar-ray-reunion-ahem*).

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