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News Our Pretty Little Liars Would Die For!

May 2nd, 2011

I can’t wait to see the look on Aria’s face when she gets a load at Ezra’s six pack in season two! Yes, it’s been confirmed that Ezra Fitz AKA the super-sexy Ian Harding will be going sans shirt in season two of Pretty Little Liars! Now I’m wondering…what kind of scene are they filming? Are peeps getting hot and bothered in the town of Rosewood?

Speaking of hot and bothered, another heartthrob is on his way back to PLL. No, it’s not Caleb (although I wouldn’t be surprised if he did turn up!). It’s Wren AKA the dashingly British Julian Morris. Remember, he was engaged to Melissa, then started macking on Spencer (and she wasn’t complainin’!) but left town after big sis found out and called off the wedding.

But if Wren comes back, does that mean he’ll be going after Spencer again? Cause if you haven’t noticed, her lips have been busy pressed up against Toby Cavanaugh!

I wonder what Wren will do when he finds out:
a) Melissa is married
b) her husband attacked Spencer
c) her husband is missing
d) Melissa is pregnant
e) Spencer’s all up in Toby’s grill.

Wow – this actually makes for some awesome storylines, huh?

And on the subject of Melissa AKA Torrey DeVitto, she recently tied the knot in New York City with none-other than Stefan Salvatore AKA Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries. Yes, jealous girls of the world, let’s all collectively sigh in disappointment that the sexy vamp is now off the market.

What do you think these new developments will mean for our Pretty Little Liars? The show returns June 14th right here on MuchMusic! Don’t miss it!

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