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Nice To Naughty: Lily Allen (Pt 2)

September 13th, 2007


It was no secret that cute and adorable and girlish Lily Allen had some serious cheek behind that smile, but it wasn’t until her increased presence in the press that we learned just how mischievous she could be. Yes, she is the best kind of naughty – the one who looks like a good girl but is less than angelic. The type who can get away with being rascally but overall be perceived as CUTE. Well, Lily IS cute. And she’s also a rabblerouser.


The checklist of naughty deeds, please!

* Performing while intoxicated: CHECK!
* Speaking out against fellow artists as well as politicians: CHECK!
* Smoking weed in public: CHECK!
* Admitting to getting kicked out of school for sexual acts: CHECK!
* Attacking photographers: CHECK!
* Getting arrested for assault: CHECK!
* Having her US Visa revoked for assault charges: CHECK!
* Flashing photographers while on vacation: CHECK!

And still, we love her. Lily is not a skank, nor a liar or a poser; she is not (so far) screwing up her life, she’s not overindulging in anything overly harmful. She’s a playful sort of naughty, a naughty that can always be forgiven. And for that, we salute her.

Naughty Rating: 2.5 Britney Heads

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