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No one is ever safe from A in the season three trailer of PLL

May 8th, 2012

Did you guys miss A as much as I did? Yeah, didn’t think so. We have for you the trailer for season three of Pretty Little Liars, and we’re going to break it down for you. Grab a Spencer-sized coffee and let’s crack the code together shall we?

Spencer and Toby get hot and heavy. Thank goodness – those two spent most of season two apart! They deserve some lovin’. And for whatever reason, the guy has his shirt off. I love Rosewood because it is always hot-guys-with-their-shirt-off weather.

Ah! It’s Mona doing her best Girl, Interrupted impression. Is she really that disturbed? And did we peep Hanna going to visit her? Why?

Emily’s purpose on the show is to get texts from A and like girls who end up dead. I would watch out Paige, because A is coming for you…

Did you know that Office Garrett was in The Lizzie McGuire Movie? Yeah, he was Paulo, the slimey Italian love interest. Guess Garrett can’t catch a break because now he’s behind bars in an orange jumpsuit. He warns Spencer in this scene… a stunt or is Garrett for realsies?

Woah, woah, woah. Since when did Emily become a grave digger? How many guesses say that this is supposed to be Maya’s grave? What rational person would try to dig up her … oh right. This is Pretty Little Liars, and A can get these girls to do anything.

Spencer! What are you burning? This could be a very important clue! It looks to me like this was Allison’s bag o’fun. Why wouldn’t they keep it? Maybe the bag links them to something that could get them in trouble? Maybe a family member?

Ezria lives!!!

Look away if you’re afraid of the dentist… or teeth. Because this bracelet is filled with sharp chompers. And a creepy message. Sorry, I’ll add “Receive the creepiest clues” to Emily’s list of purpose on the show.

Haleb lives too! It also looks like Hanna got a haircut. Do you think they share the same hairstylist? Man, their kids will have the best hair…


Doesn’t Jenna look so bad? Like look at those peepers. Soooo conniving. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lied about her operation and stole her retinas off of a baby. Yes, she’s that evil.

Hanna-Smash! Did she just watch The Avengers or is she just happy to see Mona? Guess she wanted to get answers and Mona is still bringing her A-game.

Ah, our favourite scene, when they all get a text at the same time. Okay, let’s review: our favourite couples are still together. A is targeting Emily. Hanna goes ape on Mona, Mona is still in wearing her white hospital gown which (I’ll bet my cell phone on this) itches her cashmere-friendly skin, Jenna is Jenna (EVIL), and Officer Garrett is safely behind bars (for now).

What do you think will happen this season on Pretty Little Liars? Be sure to watch it on MuchMusic when it returns in June and stream it online at


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