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Osheaga Day Three: The Black Keys, Metric, City and Colour and more!

August 7th, 2012

Sexiest AND most rockin’ set of the night: The Black Keys
There’s a reason why The Black Keys were the headliners at this year’s Osheaga Festival and it’s simply because they know how to rock an audience. The fact that they rock and simultaneously want to make you want to make out with someone is just an added bonus of The Black Keys’ music – we definitely saw a few people getting’ hot and heavy during their set and with any other band we’d be a bit peeved, but when it comes to The Black Keys, we totally get it. Go forth and make out!

Proof that goths look good in the sun: Austra
Electro-dance band Austra is known to don all black outfits and portray a bit of a witchy demeanor, which made it interesting to see such a dark and serious band out in daylight. That being said, Austra still rocked it yesterday and captivated audiences with their magnetizing performance of bass-heavy drum machines, synths and lead singer Katie Stelmanis’ crazy-talented voice.

This is the soundtrack of my life: The Shins
The storm hit us just as The Shin began to play – a picture perfect moment soundtracked by the perfect band? Natalie Portman would be so proud of us and the band! Mixing it up between old classics and newer tracks from their latest album, Port of Morrows, The Shins were just the right amount of sweet indie-pop we needed to get through the night.

A guaranteed great set every time: Metric
We don’t think it’s possible for Metric to have a bad performance – between lead singer Emily Haines’ crazy infectious stage presence to their poised-for-stadium hits (which will actually be put to the test this fall when they play said stadiums) such as the aptly-titled Stadium Love, Gold Guns Girls and the classic Dead Disco, Metric is guaranteed to always pack a set with great songs.

Songs so sweet, we almost forgot we were being rained on: City & Colour
Look, if we were going to stand in the rain for anyone, it was going to be Dallas Green. By no means a festival rocker, City & Colour’s acoustic tunes are just the breather we needed in a day filled with bombastic rock anthems.

Best dance party: Passion Pit
After the first of many showers at the festival, Passion Pit took the stage and immediately lifted everyone’s music with their electro-pop tunes. This was the band’s third performance since canceling a slew of dates due to lead singer Michael Angelakos’ mental health, but there were no signs of that onstage. The crowd approved of songs off of their new album Gossamer, but it was their hit single Sleepyhead that really got the crowd riled up and dancing!

Osheaga by the Numbers:
Percentage of the audience who were wearing raingear of some sort: approx. 70% (the rest opted to embrace the rain)
People who got wet: all of us
Couples who we accidentally caught fighting while walking by: 1
Number of times we thought we were going to die from a potential thunderstorm: 2
Number of times we actually saw lightning: 2
Signs we saw in the crowd: 2 (one during City & Colour that read: I followed my heart and it brought me here, and a second one during Metric that said: Marry Me, Emily!)
Number of sparklers we saw: 5
Percentage of neon-clad people at the electronic stage: 50% (Every. Other. Person. NEON.)
Makeshift flagpoles that were made out of sticks: 2 (crafty fellas!)
Amount of fun we had at Osheaga this year: too much. Till next year, Osheaga – thanks for the good times!

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