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Other things Kanye West can install in his new home

June 24th, 2014

kanye hospital header

Kanye West is planning on installing a hospital in his new Los Angeles home. The hi-tech medical unit will be included in his mansion to benefit his wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North West for any future health concerns. Hey, if we had that kind of money, we’d do that too.

A source reveals that the special suite in Kanye and Kim’s home will include an X-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound and blood-taking facilities as well as doctors working around the clock to accommodate them. Nurses and a pediatric team will visit daily to monitor North’s health.

Rumour has it that Kim feels that this is all a bit much for their house, but is allowing this project to go forward.

With the ability to install almost anything Kanye’s heart desires, we have a few suggestions of other things Kanye might contemplate putting in his new home with Kim and North.

A mountain
Kanye has to put that thing somewhere when he’s not touring, right?


A boutique store
Kanye and Kim both own their own clothing lines so how convenient would it be to have their very own boutique store in their house? They can shop in the comfort of their own homes sans paparazzi!


A permanent Kidchella playground
For North West’s birthday, Kanye helped create a mini-Coachella themed playground for his daughter’s big day. Complete with a ferris wheel and a bouncy castle, how fun would it be if this became a year-round fixture at their house for North to enjoy!


A theatre
For when he feels like performing for his number one fans, Kim and North, or if he ever hired Lana Del Rey as their in-house performer.


An ice cream parlour
Because no one loves ice cream more than Kanye. Seriously.

kanye ice cream parlour

A Kanye West room
We’d be surprised if there wasn’t one already.


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