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TV Sidekicks: When Minor Characters Have a Major Role in Our Hearts

January 29th, 2014


You know that old expression, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. Yeah, someone’s second banana probably came up with that. Many of our favourite TV shows have their top-billed stars and rarely do minor characters get equal love.

Did anyone tape posters of Screech all over their locker? No. They were posters of Zach Morris. Did your brother rave non-stop about how cute Lane was? No. He lusted after Rory because she was the star of it all. Everyone tipped their hat off to Jack Bauer for saving the day but did anyone give Chloe a freakin’ medal? No, and that’s a shame, because Jack is nothing without her and her computer skills.

“A hero is only as good as the people who helped him along the way” is another old expression that rings true. Many of these sidekicks helped the lead become a hero in ways big or small. The lead may not always give them the recognition they deserve but we certainly will. This list commemorates all the minor characters/sidekicks who stole our hearts in a major way. 

Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Whenever Buffy got all melodramatic, Willow was never afraid to put her in her place. This nerd-turned-bad-ass-witch is the definition of patience and goodwill. She knew not to out stage the Vampire Slayer, so she just kept doing her thing, eventually coming out in the most graceful way possible. All this and more makes her the perfect person to have on our side when battling  the demon world.

Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls:

On the show she is described as “the coolest girl on the planet” and here’s why: she’s cute, quirky, selfless and open-minded. She’s often giving Rory comfort and advice without asking for anything in return. Lane has her own life outside of the Girlmores which makes her totally cool and independent. When she does enter a scene, she totally steals it with her wit, pop-culture references, and, DUH, that cute smile.

Karen from Will and Grace:

Speaking of grace, Karen did not have any. She’s a loud-mouthed, vodka-swilling hot mess in a tight dress and God bless her for that. She says whatever she wants, whenever she wants to and doesn’t apologize for anything. There’s never a dull moment (or a filter) when you’re with Karen, which is why we’ll probably invite her to our next birthday party.

Hurley from LOST:

Dude! When stuck on an island with smoke monsters and polar bears, we’d need some comedic relief. Hurley was the goofy, lovable guy who made a lot of mistakes but got away with it because he’s being goofy and lovable. Ever so often he’d surprise everyone with an act of courage that really elevated the series. Hurley’s also the only sidekick to ever grace the cover of a Weezer album, so suck it, Jack Shephard! This is Hurley’s island now.

Turtle from Entourage:

Best supporting actor or best supporting slacker? Although Turtle just smoked a lot of pot and handed out the worst advice ever, we still love this little wise-cracker for who he is. We also respect his massive collection of New York jerseys and baseball caps. You do you, Turtle!

George Costanza from Seinfeld:

Although George loved to lie, cheat and steal, he also loved to provide the LOLs for every situation on the show, no matter how awkward they may be. George is neurotic and insecure and prone to double-dipping just like the rest of us, which is exactly why he’s such a beloved sidekick.

Jen’s Grandma from Dawson’s Creek:

All those words of wisdom from the heavenly Grams were way ahead of her time. Jen had a tough childhood and when Grams took the troubled city slicker under her wing, she made a woman out of her. Grams was even kind enough at one point to take care of Dawson and SPOILER ALERT: helped Jack take care of Jen’s baby after she died. Whenever Grams takes care of someone, she ultimately takes care of us, too.

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