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Pants Off Dance Off: Meet the first brave souls!

September 9th, 2010

The first edition of Pants Off Dance Off is in – what did you think? Were you dancing around in front of your TV? Were you more daring than the show? I’m not gonna lie – it’s making me consider another line of work! If you were so mesmerized by the dancing and the skin, here’s a look at your first episode dancers plus pics!

Don’t miss a new episode Monday @ 4:30 PM ET on Much!

Name: Alan Lockhart
Age: 26
Likes: Power, Candy, Lime Rickies
Dislikes: Buzzkillers and Uggz
Fear: My food touching (other food on the plate)
Fun Fact: Wine was invented by the Romans, for orgies
Last Time I Was Naked: 5 min ago

Name: Dayana Aranga
Age: 19
Likes: Animals, people men, green olives, hanging out with friends…
Dislikes: Body odour, math, vanilla
Fear: I’m 5’10… so tripping and falling!
Fun Fact: I’m Cuban and Russian…eyyy!
Last Time I Was Naked: This morning

Name: Ali Mohammed Mirza
Age: 22
Likes: Music, sports, dance, acting
Dislikes: Reading novels, sitting all day at home
Fear: Presentations
Fun Fact: Manager of lacrosse and ice hockey team
Last Time I Was Naked: Today morning in washroom

Name: Christine McCabe
Age: 20
Likes: Playing piano, dancing, music
Dislikes: Studying, Mondays
Fear: Spiders attacking me
Fun Fact: I am obsessed with old cars and go to car shows all the time
Last Time I Was Naked: In the shower this morning

Name: Bradley Meyers
Age: 22
Likes: Hockey, sleeping, fine food, women
Dislikes: Hangovers, seaweed
Fear: The dark
Fun Fact: I’m dumb
Last Time I Was Naked: Last night

Name: Daniela Estrada
Age: 20
Likes: Dancing, spending time with family and friends
Dislikes: Snow, being tickled
Fear: Heights and the dark
Fun Fact: Very spontaneous, always ready for adventure
Last Time I Was Naked: This morning when I showered 

Name: Randal Paul
Age: 23
Likes: Food, bums, KFC, and free money
Dislikes: STDs, money I have to work for, ugly babies
Fear: That when smelly people touch me, their stank transfers to me
Fun Fact: I have a bird named Mojo
Last Time I Was Naked: Your Mama’s house…No, but for real it was this morning dancing in front of the mirror

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