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People believe that Godzilla is real

May 21st, 2014

godzilla is real

Jimmy Kimmel likes lying to people. And to be fair, it works a lot of the time. Take for instance, his latest Lie Witness News segment.

The talk show host took to the streets of Hollywood to survey strangers about Godzilla, which made its return to the big screen recently. But where most of us know that he is a fictional character, some of these people were fooled into believing that the famed monster was actually real. When asked if they thought the film then glamorized the real life events of a giant lizard that attacked Japan in the 1950’s, many people gave some pretty serious responses. One even had to Google “Is Godzilla real?” after her interview because she was so confused. Oh, Jimmy.

Watch the segment below and remember, Godzilla is not real.

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