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Phoebe Picks: The New Cities “The New Rule”

February 26th, 2013


Don’t know if you guys got a chance to check out Phoebe‘s interview with The New Cities on New.Music.Live., but check it out here!

This week my buddies in The New Cities released a new video! It’s for their 4th single off their album Kill The Lights, it’s called “The New Rule” and guess what it’s right below! Peep it!

Very dark and different but I’m digging this sound! What do you think? I was a little worried after seeing the video because I was unsure if I’d sleep again so I caught up with the boys to settle my fears.

PHOEBE: Boys, you know I don’t like anything scary right! What are you doing to me? Explain the concept of your video!

TNC: The video is based on old school horror movies from the ’80s, the B-series ones. It’s def not a serious video even tho the look is very dark and scary. We took everything that is cheesy/funny from those movies and made it ours for the video. The VHS look is what is making the video look so ’80s and realistic.

PHOEBE: Yeah, it’s so cool that you sent around a VHS copy of your music video! To confess, I couldn’t even watch it at home as I don’t have a VHS player anymore! Lucky there are still some kicking around MuchMusic! Where did this creative idea to promote your video this way come from?

TNC: We’re all ’80s kids and ’80s B horror movie fans, which is what inspired the video. So Dave created the artwork to promote the video on iTunes and social networks. Then Nick came up with the idea of putting the video on a VHS tape with that artwork on top. Dave said you’re crazy Nick. Nick said “F**k yeah I’m crazy, but let’s do it anyways.” And that pretty much sums it up. But really, it just made perfect sense for the video as a promo item

PHOEBE: Back to the video, where was it shot? Who directed this unique piece of art?

TNC: We shot the video during the night. Two full nights and one afternoon for green screen stuff. All shot in Montreal. Was sooo cold when shooting it but a lot of fun. “The New Rule” was directed by MatCyr and all the effects were done by a 3D company named SHED. They are usually working on TV ads and big movies. Really cool for a band to have such a big company doing post production for them.

PHOEBE: I personally have come to the conclusion that the song is about “not giving a crap” or “woot woot”. Ha ha! In your words, what’s the song about?

TNC: The song is about not giving a shit about what people think of you. Live your own life and make your own path. Nothing is going to stop you. We are not going to change for you.

PHOEBE: Oh phewf, I had the right idea! I felt a 30 Seconds To Mars kind of vibe in this song. Were they an inspiration?

TNC – It was actually more of a grunge influence. The idea was to create a song about doing what you wanna do the way you want to. We had this line “we don’t give a shit” for the chorus and we knew it was gonna be censored so we thought it would be more clever to censor it ourselves with a “woot woot” instead of a bleep, which would make it catchier.

PHOEBE: Thanks for chatting boys! Before you go, what is coming up in your world that is new and exciting that we should know about will you be touring Canada soon?

TNC: There’s nothing planned in terms of touring for now up until the summer but there’s definitely some exciting new stuff coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy the video and if you feel wild you can even go get the iTunes bundle for “The New Rule.” There’s even a French version in there, you’ll get to really experience the accent at it’s best!!

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