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Place Your Bets Now: Who Is Going To Show Up At This Weekend’s OVO Fest?

August 1st, 2014


It’s the annual OVO Fest in Toronto this weekend and honestly, why have we not renamed this the Drake long weekend yet? Come on, guys.

One of the most exciting parts of Drake’s hometown music festival has got to be the amazing guests he invites onstage with him every year. From Kanye West to Stevie Wonder, Drake has had almost every big named artist surprise fans at this extravaganza of an event. Plus, he’s already locked in a high-profile Outkast reunion for the first day of OVO so imagine who else Drake can summon!

After some very careful research and analysis, we’ve come up with some guesses of our own. Take a look below and see who we think will show up this Sunday and Monday in Toronto, and tell us: who do you think will appear at OVO Fest?

Jay Z and Beyonce
The power couple currently have an OVO-shaped hole in their On The Run tour schedule, and even though the pair will be on the west coast, they can easily jet set their way to Toronto on August 3 or 4 for Drake’s shindig.


Nicki Minaj
Although Nicki is busy prepping for a new album, plus a pretty controversial new single coming soon, she doesn’t have any upcoming tour dates and surely, she can take some time off to appear at one of her closest friend’s festival.


The superstar artist/producer is currently on tour with Bruno Mars, but between their Canadian dates in Saskatoon and Calgary is a free day on August 4, the second day of OVO Fest. Again, totally doable thanks to the magic of planes and private jets!


Justin Timberlake
Although Justin and Drake have never collaborated, Justin’s close friendship with Jay Z closes the gap on the degrees of separation between the pop star and rapper. So is it so far-fetched for us to think (and pray) for a JT appearance? Plus, he also has the 4th of August mysteriously free in his schedule. We smell some OVO magic happening here.


Kendrick Lamar
Even though Kendrick has been busy with a few tour dates here and there this summer, he remains free during the OVO Fest weekend. Many had hoped for the rapper to appear last year, but he didn’t so will this be the year we finally see Kendrick and Drake take the stage together?


The Weeknd
Having performed at OVO Fest, The Weeknd is primed to make an appearance at OVO this weekend and of all of Drake’s OVO crew (you can count on also seeing OB Brien and PartyNextDoor), this would definitely be the most exciting surprise.


Lil Wayne
Well this is an obvious one.


Majid Jordan
We simply refuse to hear Hold On, We’re Going Home without Majid Jordan’s angelic voice singing it with Drizzy. I mean, we’ll totally enjoy it regardless, but still. He needs to be there.


Wiz Khalifa
Drake made an appearance at Wiz Khalifa’s show in Toronto this past week, so perhaps he will return the favour at OVO!


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