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PLL Episode 10: Jason’s Evil. Uh No, He Isn’t. Oh Wait, Maybe He Is…Aria, Make Up Your Mind!

August 23rd, 2011

Yup, our heads were hurting too. Why can’t Jason be the nice guy who whisks Aria off her feet and puts the whole “A” nightmare behind her? Oh right…it’s because of that damn N.A.T. club. Now what is that exactly?

Get caught up on how Spencer linked Ian, Jason and Garrett click HERE, then read on for exactly how close “A” got to the Pretty Little Liars (let’s just say Emily won’t ever get a massage again!).

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So what’s the big connection between our three child molesters? (no, I’m not counting Ezra – he hasn’t been accused of murder…yet. Watch your back, Jason).

It’s a little something called the N.A.T. Club. Wanna know what that is? So do we. But we don’t get that far. All we have is Spencer’s assumption, and she’s usually pretty right – except that one-time she thought her current boyfriend was a cold-blooded murderer.

Her theory is N.A.T. stands for three Latin words (no, I’m not retyping them) that translate into “We See All” (thank God the Hastings family has taken forever to get rid of Ian’s stuff – he only died like last season!). We also learn Garrett was in on this N.A.T. Club too (and we all know he still likes teenaged-girls – only blinder).

Which leads Spencer to conclude the three of them were the town’s local pervert club, secretly conducting their gross activities.

Hey, who said Pretty Little Liars was you average teen drama? This is some serious s**t!

But it gets better. Our fab four finally realize “A” and the killer may not be the same person, and “A” could actually be a group of people. Like say, the town’s local pervert club?

But they’ve got more trouble on their hands. Actually, not “they”. Emily.

Emily is trying desperately not to crack under the pressure of “A” constantly harassing her. And Emily’s gotten the worst of it so far: her swimming chances are ruined due to her ulcer, she’s lied to her parents after “A” tricked them into thinking she got a scholarship, her chances for more scholarships or a career were ruined by “A” shooting her up full of steroids, and finally making Emily’s girlfriend think Ems has eyes for other women.

How much worse can it get? “A” calls Emily the weakest link and intends to break her. How? Lunch (or breakfast?) at school comes with one box of Alphabets full of one letter. Can you guess which one? Personally, I would have one with “F”s and “U”s.

Needing a break, Emily goes for a massage. Yeah, I could see where that one was going too. Instead of a nice relaxing massage like the brochure promised, Emily gets felt up by “A”. AND she enjoys it!

How creepy is that? I totally get why it was necessary to take five showers afterward!

While Emily is cracking up and Spencer continues to rummage through Ian’s crap like it’s going outta style, Aria and Hanna decide to spend the day attacking their personal problems.

Hanna sucks it up and tries to play nice with her new family when it comes time to try on the bridesmaids outfits. What follows is supposed to be a nice afternoon at a rich country club (with stables and all) but instead it turns into Hanna calling out her new family as witches.

Over a loud speaker. And replacing the “W” with a “B”. It was THAT bad….

But everything can be solved with a quickly apology, right? Oh Hanna, when will you learn things will never be easy for you. New step-sis calls Hanna to forgive her for her little bitchy outburst…and vows to make her the family’s new horse. Broken in and all.

Ouch! Hanna just doesn’t know how to “not” be blackmailed.

Which leaves us with Aria. You’d think creepy pictures from the boy you kinda like who may or may not have housed a murderer in his house and killed his sister…would be a turn-off. But not for Aria.

She does ask Jason a direct question: what are you doing with pictures of me sleeping (or as Spencer puts it, drugged?). But Jason has an answer that keeps us guessing if he’s really the murderer Spencer thinks he is. The pictures belonged to Alison on a roll of film he found, and Jason was developing them for Aria.

Why Aria would want pictures from her dead best-friend turned stalker is anyone’s guess. But she accepts his excuse and moves on to the next subject. She makes it clear to Jason she’s taken. By making out with Ezra on Jason’s front lawn.

Cause that’s how you send a message. But Jason has an even bigger message for Aria. It’s way more vague, but something tells me the box of keepsakes Jason found in Alison’s room and gives to Aria will come into play later on as there must be a secret message in there somewhere!

Ezra only showed up for the make-out session because Spencer told him too. But Spencer (all good intentions aside) didn’t see one little snag in her plan to save Aria from Jason: Aria’s mother now thinks Spencer was the student Mr. Fitz had an affair with.

Like, none of these girls are going to get a break. EVER!

But we do end with evidence that someone does know who “A” is. Emily, cracking under the pressure, turns to their therapist to finally get some things off her chest and have some sort of normal life. Except “A” is now sitting face-to-face with the therapist, ready to spill all kinds of secrets!

Dun dun dun…..!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

Watch MuchMusic Tuesday @ 8PM ET/9PM ET for the next new episode!

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