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PLL Episode 11: Emily’s Gay, Noel’s good/evil? And Alison pays Hanna a visit!

January 4th, 2011

Thought five months of waiting would keep “A” down? This is “A” we’re talking about guys. The person who was so mad at Hanna getting close to the truth he/she ran her over with a car. The same “A” who sent Emily’s mom a picture of her daughter looking lips with another woman; sent Aria’s mom a letter about her husband’s infidelity; sent Emily to the hospital after the homecoming dance, and has been spying on the girls ever since school started?

Now you remember which “A” we’re talking about. And no, five months of waiting did not keep “A” down. He/she is back in all his/her evil glory!

Click HERE to watch the full episode on demand. Now, onto the first new Pretty Little Liars episode of 2011!

We pick up right where we left off. The girls quickly call an ambulance and Hanna is whisked away to the hospital. But not before Aria sees her sort-of-boyfriend Noel hiding around in the crowd.

Just between you and me, is Noel’s wearing the same creepy hoodie as the driver of the hit-and-run on Hanna? Say it isn’t so!

Spencer, Emily and Aria debate what to do now that “A” has turned deadly. They decide on nothing until they hear what Hanna knows. Hanna’s mom assures her daughter everything will be alright – after all, she just stole a bag of money. But now her daughter’s in a cast.

Ever heard of karma Ms. Marin?

Hanna remembers seeing someone come up to Ezra Fitz’s car and catching Aria and the teacher canoodling. That person was Noel and now Hanna believes he is “A”. And Spencer is only too quick to jump on the “blame-Noel” bandwagon and Emily is happy the blame is off her new friend Toby. If anyone’s going to clear Noel’s name, it’s going to be Aria!

But here’s where we need to make up our minds as loyal fans – could “A” really be sexy Noel? He did fully admit yes he was at Mona’s to scare the girls – the typical “guy” thing to do at a slumber party. And he admitted when he saw Aria get into the car, he had to go investigate, and then saw her with Mr. Fitz. Now he thinks the teacher is forcing Aria to do things against her will.

Aria manages to make peace with Noel and tells him she’ll handle Fitz – but to keep it secret for now. How long this will last is anybody’s guess as Fitz and Aria decide they still want to be together. Uh….did they not learn anything about getting caught this episode?

I think Ezra Fitz WANTS to go to jail…..

Hanna gets three unlikely visitors – all with mixed results. First up is nerdy Lucas. He subtly tells Hanna he loves her and wants to be more than friends, to which Hanna politely and friendly turns him down (honestly, it’s the most realistic confrontation between friends I’ve ever seen). But this pisses Lucas off.

Mona visits Hanna and they become BFFs again. This is the same girl who ditched her like a ragged-old-hat because she was nice to Lucas in the first place. Now they’re doing each other’s make-up in the hospital. Talk about weird.

And then there’s Alison. I guess Hanna’s near-death experience gave her a vision of her dead friend. But two clues were revealed here. Alison called “A” a b***h: which to me, means “A” is a woman (and really pissing Alison off too). And secondly, she says if her four friends compare their stories they will find out what happened to Alison.

So…..are “A” and Allison’s killer two different people? Oh boy! The plot is thickening and it’s only the first episode of 2011!

In other news, Emily tries to see Toby to tell him she wasn’t the one who turned him in. Instead, Jenna intercepts her and tells Emily she won’t ever let Toby see her again, and that her and her friends have done enough.

To add salt to an open wound, Emily’s father finds out about Toby, and tells Emily he’ll also make sure they never see each other again. Feeling completely railroaded, Emily decides to fully come clean about the things on her mind and tells her parents she’s gay. Her parents now have no idea what to do with her. And they’re NOT okay with it.

Poor Emily.

Spencer tries to show Aria the tree that “A” showed them during Mona’s party – the tree that said “Alison + Ian”. But the tree was mysteriously cut down over night; now and someone is watching it burn nearby.

But Ian is still around. Apparently he’s been hanging around the Hastings household with Melissa. And of course one thing let to another and now they’ve eloped.

Congratulation Spencer, your new brother-in-law could very well be the older man Alison was having an affair with…and who may have killed her!

The girls now realize that Alison’s killer and “A” might be more than one person or may be two different people. The episode ends with the girls visiting Hanna once more to find out “A” was also in that hospital room – she even wrote a message on Hanna’s cast (to which Hanna nearly loses her mind!).

Stay tuned for the next new episode of Pretty Little Liars Monday @ 8PM ET on Much.

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead

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