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PLL Episode 11: The Doctor Is Out…

August 25th, 2011

Lessons our pretty little liars learned in time for next week’s summer finale: DON’T trust doctors with your secrets ’cause “A” will most likely kill them. DON’T trust Spencer’s dad ’cause man IS scary!

If your brother is slowing losing his mind, DON’T pretend it’s not happening (good for you Aria!)

To find out what Hanna learned, click HERE (HINT: DO hang with your grandma!) and for the rest of your PLL 411, click for the full recap below.

You know why I love this show? On top of having a psychopathic stalker wreck their lives, our Pretty Little Liars have tons of other ish going on! Aria’s parents are fighting and her brother’s potentially suicidal. Emily’s lovers keep coming and going and she’s screwed out of a scholarship. Hanna’s dad is moving on with another family and Spencer’s finding out she can be in love with a boy who hasn’t dated her sister.

So let’s check in and see how they’re all coping, shall we?

Aria’s finally got it through her head secrets are no good. Despite the fact it will land her boytoy in jail, it’s one of the reasons she wants to come clean about tonguing Ezra with her parents. But since that’s a no go, she can at least stop her brother from sinking deeper into depression.

When ish escalates and Ella gets injuring confronting Mike, Aria won’t lie about it or Mike’s other break-ins. She tells her parents lying about the truth almost tore them apart and she won’t do it anymore. Then the sun rises, the birds sing and Mike lives to see another day.

Hanna attends her father’s engagement dinner with the promise she’ll cause trouble alongside her kick-ass grannie! And what a grannie she is! After puking all over her step-mother’s wedding dress (don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming….) it’s grandma who solves the crime and finds out new step-sis was spiking Hanna’s drink solo (the step-sis’s were supposed to be getting smashed together) in order to ruin the dress.

Too bad daddy dearest doesn’t see it the same way, and throws out his mother and his daughter.

Emily (after a nice, relaxing, hysterical run through the words at 3AM) decides she will no longer be afraid. Of “A”, parents, teachers, friends, enemies, doctors, scouts, coaches, hospitals, ulcers, drowning, ex-lovers – you name it, girl has turned over a new leaf and is fearless. Fearless enough to call Maya back to Rosewood and get started on where they left off (hot and heavy!).

Spencer finally realizes why everything concerning Alison has ties to her family. In a nutshell, Alison and Jason hated each other for whatever reason and Alison found a way for their grandmother to write him out of the will. That’s why she went to Hilten Head (besides to sleep around with Ian) and why she disappeared the evening of the sleepover: to flaunt it in Jason’s face. After Alison died, the DiLaurentis’ got Mr. Hasting’s to change the will back illegally so it wouldn’t look like their son had any motive to kill his sister.

Which begs the question – why did Mr. Hastings agree to change the will. As Spencer figured out, the DiLaurentis family has something to blackmail the Hastings family with! Oh Spencer…just when you thought you could make out with Toby in the darkness without interruption.

With all this craziness, let’s get back to that group of perverts stalking them. The girls need to let out some steam in the worst way. Emily finally cracks and decides to tell therapist Dr. Anne Sullivan everything.

Well, they did leave out the part where they totally blinded an innocent girl and lied about it…

But that’s the least of their problems now. Dr. Sullivan started to get menacing calls from “A” tipping her off someone was recording her sessions with the girls. She pieces together clues from each of the girls testimonies against the first break-in on her office, and she realizes she knows who “A” is. More importantly, Dr. Sullivan’s even met with him/her!

She quickly calls up Emily to round up the girls so she can show them all her evidence….but by the time the girls make it to her office, the doctor is out. Compliments of “A”.

Yes, I know what you’re all asking: why didn’t the doctor just tell Emily who “A” was over the phone? In her defence, the police didn’t find anything, so she probably thought her office (where she was calling from) was still bugged and didn’t want to tip “A” off.

Also, she probably thought she had the right person, but needed the girls to verify all her evidence based on their experience with the suspect…meaning she probably didn’t want them to jump to any conclusions until she could present the name AND evidence at the same time.

But I don’t think she’ll ever have chance to do that now. Methinks the good doctor is probably treating Alison about cyber-bullying in the afterlife.

Dun dun dun…..!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

Watch MuchMusic Tuesday @ 8PM ET/9PM ET for the next new episode!

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