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PLL Episode 12: So…Who’s “A” Now?

September 6th, 2011

It’s the first question that came to mind when we found out who killed Alison, who “A” is (or are?) and the fate of poor Dr. Sullivan!

Serious ‘ish went down for realz!

But we’ve got even more clues for what’s to come when Pretty Little Liars comes back for the second half of Season 2!

Read on to find out what was up with those freaky-deeky dolls and catch up with the full summer finale right HERE!

In a nutshell, a blind girl and a crooked cop (who are totally doing it) frame our fab four with Alison’s murder weapon – a shovel. And yes, even covered in dirt at a police station, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer manage to look AMAZING! Really, they need to be covered in dirt more often.

So how did things get this far? And are the creepy couple “A”? Let me tell you.

We know “A” kidnapped Dr. Sullivan. But “A” is keeping the doc alive so the fab four can rescue her. But only if they complete a few tasks that will totally ruin their lives.

Cause there’s always a catch.

Aria has to send Ezra’s ex away…by exposing her plagiarizing ass to the whole world. Like that won’t come back to bite her. And Jackie has fangs.

Jackie showed her true colours and threatened to expose Aria’s illegal relationship if she says anything about the plagiarized paper. Oh well “A”, she tried!

Spencer has to keep Toby safe…so she breaks up with him and locks lips with a man she doesn’t care if he gets in “A”s way. Welcome back Wren the homewrecker.

And good ol’ Hanna, who always means well, has to break up her father’s wedding and ruin any chance of her father loving her ever again!

And she does just that with the ultimate bombshell – she tells her step-mother-to-be her father was sleeping with her mother when he was in town.

There goes the bride.

Emily doesn’t get a doll…yet. And even she knows that’s bad news.

But “A” definitely saved the best for last. Emily’s doll (and her car’s GPS) has the whereabouts of Dr. Sullivan. But Emily has to go alone. And alone she goes to an abandoned farm house…and gets locked inside with exhaust fumes from a parked car and passes out.

Once Aria, Hanna and Spencer proved they accomplished their tasks, they’re sent to the same location. Emily’s already been rescued, and there’s a shovel handy for the girls to free Dr. Sullivan who’s been buried underground.

Except the girls didn’t rescue Emily. We don’t know who did. And here’s the kicker – it may have been Alison herself! WHOA!

The girls dig for Dr. Sullivan, but don’t find her. Instead they find a pair of boots and a mask. They’ve been had. Enter the police who recognize Alison’s murder weapon in our fab four’s hands and we’ve got ourselves an open and shut case!

The girls have been taken down to Rosewood’s PD and are processed while Jenna and Officer Garrett celebrate the fact they have finally thrown innocent people in jail for a crime they committed!

Especially freaky: Jenna’s comment Alison deserved to “die like that”.

But even more drama gets uncovered at the police station. Mr. Hastings and Jason DiLaurentis get into another argument…this time hinting there’s more of a connection there than just an illegal will change. An argument Mrs. Hastings can’t know about. Something smells like Spencer may have a long lost brother on the horizon.

Ezra comes down after Aria calls him, but is stopped dead in his tracks by Ella (Aria’s mom). He admits he loves “her” (dooming himself in Ella’s eyes) so Ella asks him to leave and never come back. She still thinks Ezra’s up in Spencer’s grill, and the fact he admitted he loved “her” just proves hit. Poor Ezra can’t catch a break.

So at least we know some of the people who are posing as “A”. But besides Jenna and Garrett, there’s a third person who turned up just before the credits to pay off Dr. Sullivan for staying hidden. Someone with “pretty eyes”.

Dun Dun Dun…..can’t wait till October and the special “Hallowe’en” episode of Pretty Little Liars!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

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