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PLL Episode 14: Making A Deal With The Devil AKA “A”

January 3rd, 2012

Sorry guys, there’s no way I can write an intro without revealing about A MILLION SPOILERS about WHAT HAPPENED at the end. See, that sentence probably doesn’t even make proper sense…

But you know what does make sense? Watching the full episode HERE before diving in to analyze the latest new episode of Pretty Little Liars in two months!

I can’t wait anymore – click more!!!

Okay take a deep breath (actually, that’s more for me because I can barely contain this), and here’s what you need to know:

*Ezra told Aria about their affair…and her parents almost murder him!
*The girls are at each other’s throats…except it’s all a ploy to strike a deal with “A”!
*Caleb returns…and turns Hanna’s kitchen into Make-Out Central!
*Emily gets the s**t beaten out of her when she goes head-to-head with “A”!

Whew! And that’s just scratching the surface! But now that I’ve got that out of the way…here’s a much calmer approach.

One month after our fab four were found with Alison’s murder weapon, they’ve been sentenced to 30 days of fixing Rosewood’s apparent garbage problem (who would have thought in such a pretty town?). But there are uglier things than a litter-filled roadside when Spencer and Emily try to physically tear each others throats out.

But that’s what we’re supposed to think. Really, Aria, Spencer and Hanna are giving Emily the cold shoulder so “A” will think she’s all alone…and strike a deal with her. And their plan works.

“A” sets up a meet with Emily to strike a deal to save herself…but it backfires when Aria, Hanna and Spencer aren’t around to back her up!

And why would they leave her all alone? Well you see…

…Aria’s been avoiding Ezra since his ex-Jackie told her too. But since that’s not good enough for a man in love, Aria tells him the truth, and in turn, Ezra decides to tell Ella and Byron.

Which DOES NOT GO WELL, let me tell you. After he tells them, they pretty much do everything they can to stop themselves from murdering him with their bare hands. But Mike (who’s recently sane again) takes one for the team and punches Mr. Fitz, drawing blood.

Aria’s left confined to her house, until Mike finally comes to her aid and helps her sneak out to save Emily.

Spencer is still trying to keep Tobey clear of her and all of “A”s games, while at the same time playing dangerous mind games with his step-sister Jenna and her sleazy boytoy Officer Garrett.

Since Tobey has no idea what’s going on (only that Spencer and Emily are going to kill each other) he confronts Spencer before she can go rescue Emily.

And he’s pretty bummed she didn’t accept the rocking chair he made her. But that’s a story for another recap.

Hanna gets two major shockers this eppy: Caleb AND her father return to Rosewood.

After not realizing she’s slowing falling in love with adorable Lucas, Hanna makes out with newly returned Caleb in her kitchen. Caleb is back in Rosewood to finish off the school year. And he owes it all to Lucas.

And you can tell how happy Lucas is about that.

But Hanna’s less than pleased when her father returns. After disrupting his wedding a month ago, Tom still went ahead and married Isabel. But that’s not the bad news. Tom’s returning to Rosewood to fix things with his daughter after she lashed out at the wedding. Which means evil step-sister Kate (who, remember, swore to make Hanna’s life a living hell…even before Hanna ruined the wedding) will also be living in town and going to school with Hanna.

So, you can understand why she was late rescuing Emily. But in her case, it was a good thing.

After “A” realized he/she was set-up, “A” ATTACKS Emily. And I mean throws her around and beats her with any number of gardening supplies (oh yeah, this little show down happens at that easily accessible but always abandoned greenhouse). But as Spencer and Aria arrive, “A” makes a run for it out the door.

Thank God Hanna was late because she runs “A” over with her car! Revenge from Season One at last!!! “A” gets away…but not before losing his/her cell phone in the hit and run. A cell phone which is now in Spencer and the gang’s hands.

The tables are finally turning! But what price will they pay for playing “A” like a fool? You can bet it won’t be pretty…

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

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