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PLL Episode 15: I get by with a little help from my friends

February 3rd, 2011

What a week it’s been since the last episode of Pretty Little Liars! The women of Rosewood stopped by for a full hour on New.Music.Live. and we got the behind-the-scenes scoop from Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson on the boys of PLL.

Now we have a brand new episode to salivate over like half a dozen piggy cupcakes. If you missed Episode 15 you can watch it here! Check out the full recap after the jump!

After last week’s shocking pic of the shadow behind Alison while she was on her way to meet Ian the girls are still trying to figure out who is said shadow and who took the pic. Judging by the angle of the picture they know that that the photographer must have been in Ali’s house. With her brother Jason back in town Spencer jumps as the volunteer to talk to him about the picture. Anyone think she jumped a little too fast? I wonder if it’s because Jason looks lik-a dis.

I believe the word that you’re searching for is ‘Day-um.’ Spencer gives the picture to Jason and he says that he’ll have his Private Investigator look into it. Spencer rubs her mustache while she thinks about his suggestion and finally agrees.

The next day a fully dressed (booooo) Jason shows up at Spencer’s house to tell her that the PI confirmed that the picture was real and taken the night that Ali disappeared. Spencer asks Jason if he took the picture, but he can’t remember. Why, you ask? Well, apparently the clean-cut Jason was doing his best Beavis impersonation that summer and was stoned the whole time. And who, you may ask, was his Butt Head? That would be Ian, Spencer’s new brother-in-law and the guy in the video with Ali before she disappeared. Oh PLL, right when we think we’ve figured you out, you throw us for another munchie-inducing loop.

Spencer reached up under her big hat and pulled out two tickets to a museum gala in Philadelphia for Aria and Ezra to attend. Aria combines homework and suggestive clothing to ask Ezra to the gala. Maybe reminding him he’s your teacher right before you ask him out is a bad idea? Either way, he says yes.

The two will finally have a real date in public without anyone seeing them. Or will they? When the woman Hanna’s mother Ashley stole from calls a meeting at the bank, Hanna knows that she needs to help her mother get money and fast! ‘A’ offers her a way out, but it means selling out her bestie Aria.

Hanna tries to talk Aria out of going on the date with Ezra, but the two end up getting in a fight.

Hanna goes forward with the plan and gives Ella the ticket ‘A’ left in her locker so that Ella will see her daughter dating her teacher at the gala. She gets cold feet, but after skipping gym three times she’s given detention and can’t stop Ella before she leaves for the gala. Distraught, Hanna ends up telling Caleb about her situation. Oh, and defending the Biebs.

The school bad boy removes a switch from Ella’s car, preventing her from driving to the museum. Caleb tells Hanna that she can repay him in the future for his work. Maybe he’ll take her to see Never Say Never?

Ezra picks Aria up in a limo for their big date. This may have been because he’s romantic, but I think the tinted windows were also a factor.

Finally at the gala Aria and Ezra and bummed to find out that the artist isn’t even showing up. Just think of how bummed they’ll be when Ella takes her place!

Stranded, Ella calls Byron to fix her car and he ends up driving her to the museum. Before she can get out and see Aria and Ezra together, the separated couple kiss.

The next day Ella tells Aria that she was at the gala and lies and says she loved meeting the artist. Knowing that the artist didn’t show up, Aria is left to figure out exactly what her mother is lying to cover up and wonders whether she did in fact see Aria and Ezra together.

Ready to come clean to Aria, Hanna finds her friend at school. Before she can say anything Aria tells Hanna that she had the best night of her life with Ezra. Phew!

Everything seems to be turning up Hanna today! Hanna goes to the bank for moral support for her mother, but they find out that the woman Ashley stole from has died! Yay? Yay!

Things with Emily aren’t going nearly as well. She’s getting her Michael Phelps on in the pool and the coach is impressed. Unfortunately, snotty swimmer Paige is not. Paige tells Emily that she’s gunning for Captain and to back off. Then she makes a comment about Emily being gay, and she isn’t exactly waving a rainbow flag when she says it.

Emily tells Spencer and Aria about Paige and her homophobic comment and Spencer decides it’s time to put a stop to the mean girl.

Spencer tells the swim coach about Paige and the two girls are called in for a meeting. Emily refuses to tell the coach what happened.

But Paige still gets in trouble, which apparently makes her think that trying to drown Emily is justified. Craaaaaaaazy! Emily finds out that it was Spencer who told on Paige and flips out on her friend for not letting Emily handle the situation. Spencer points out that Emily could never stand up to Alison and was just trying to help. Oh snap.

As part of her Paige for Captain campaign Paige gives all the girls on the team bracelets…that look just like the bracelets Alison, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria have! With the name of the store on the box the girls can now go there and ask who bought the bracelet identical to Alison’s!

But when Spencer visits the old woman who makes the jewelery her records show…wait for it…that Spencer Hastings bought the bracelets! Roh row!

Fully freaked out, Spencer finally decides to come clean to the girls and tell them that on the night that Ali disappeared the two of them had a fight while everyone was sleeping.

The shadow in the picture behind Ali isn’t Ian, it’s Spencer.

This episode ends with the woman from the jewelery store telling ‘A’, visible only by their black leather gloves, that she “said exactly what you told me to say.” Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!!!!

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