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PLL Episode 18: The Naked Truth

January 30th, 2012

Hanna finds out the girls have been lying to her and Aria wants to know where Holden is going on their dates. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars!

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The girls are still working with Caleb and Hanna repeatedly calls all four of them. Spencer finally picks up and Hanna invites her over to watch a movie, but Spencer lies and says she’s with her family. It’s an easy lie to cover, until Hanna hears the girls in the background. Smooth.

In the video Caleb is decrypting they are able to see an ID in Ali’s room with a picture of Ali in a black wig. Why did Ali need an ID that didn’t look like her? Methinks she was planning on running away and didn’t want to be found.

When it’s just Spencer and Aria in the house, Aria lies and says that she and Ezra are over. Spencer, the one with the real broken heart, starts to cry over losing Toby. Spencer worries that she pushed the girls into lying to Hanna, but Aria assures her that sometimes you need to lie. But why is she lying to Spencer about Ezra?

Now that Hanna’s dad and new family have moved to Rosewood, Hanna is on high alert looking out for her stepsister Kate. Hanna is still freaked out after Kate’s cree-pay phone call promising that she’ll ruin Hanna’s life. Seriously, this entire town needs to get rid of phones. When have phones ever led to anything good in Rosewood?

Kate finds the girls and is playing nice, but Spencer can’t shake the feeling that she recognizes Kate from somewhere other than the wedding Hanna ruined. Hanna tries to keep things peaceful and walks Kate to class, but just when she’s started to relax around one enemy she gets a text from another. A threatens to tell the cops about Hanna’s mom Ashley stealing from the bank a year ago if Hanna doesn’t stop Caleb from decrypting the videos on the phone.

Hanna finds her three friends huddled together at lunch trying to figure out why Alison was wearing a wig in her ID. They change the subject as soon as Hanna arrives and Hanna figures they’re shutting her out because she destroyed Caleb’s USB. She tells the girls about the text from A and they assure her that A must be confused and think that Caleb is still working on the phone. Oh ladies. It’s getting deep.

Things with Emily and Maya are heating up and Emily wants Maya to join her and her mom for dinner when her mom visits later that week. Maya says that she’s not upset about Emily’s mom getting her sent to True North for smoking weed, but Maya’s behaviour later that week at dinner proves otherwise.

Maya’s comments to Emily’s mom are passive aggressively mean and Maya jokes about smoking weed and having a male stalker. Emily’s mom does a good job of trying to go with the flow, but Emily is not impressed. When her mom leaves to pay the bill, Emily confronts Maya about being totally inappropriate. Maya lashes back and says that Emily is just upset that Maya dated a guy. Well, probably!

Emily takes the night to think about things with Maya and the next morning she visits her girlfriend before school. Let’s all just take a moment and discuss how OH EM GEE AMAZEBALLS Emily’s hair looks right now! Gurl, werk that body.

Anywho, Emily admits that she was upset Maya dated a guy, but in fairness she’s upset thinking about Maya dating anyone. Maya shows Emily her room that she re-decorated to look like it’s under water for Emily since she wasn’t allowed back on the swim team. Aw! Then Maya and Emily both drop the L bomb! Double aw!

Spencer has been obsessing over how she knows Kate and she gets her chance to confront Hanna’s new stepsister when it’s just the two girls in the change room. Spencer’s sister Melissa was Kate’s counselor at horse back riding camp in 2006 and a picture that Spencer has is enough to blackmail Kate into being nice to Hanna. WHAT IS IN THAT PICTURE? Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. Just getting ready for gym class.

Aria and Holden are still going on their fake dates, but tonight they both had their plans cancelled and decide to hang out together. They play a not so friendly game of table hockey (dang Aria! You got some skillz!) and are having a great time.

Holden gets shoved by someone walking by and lifts his shirt to check the damage, revealing a stomach full of bruises to Aria. Concerned, Aria asks Holden what the bruises are from, but Byron arrives and Holden makes Aria promise to not tell anyone.

He still won’t tell her where he goes when they’re on their fake dates and I assume the bruises are connected to his secrecy? Is he in a fight club? He’s totally in a fight club.

Ezra cancelled his date that night with Aria to attend a function at Hollis. He learns that he’s being offered a promotion at Hollis’ satellite school in Louisiana and was recommended by…wait for it…Byron. Ezra looks peeved, but you know what Louisiana is better than, Ezra? JAIL!

Hanna and Spencer are finally getting their movie night and Spencer shows Hanna the picture she’s using to blackmail Kate. While at camp, Kate was covered in bug bites. That’s it? That’s enough to blackmail her? Girlfriend needs to get over herself. While Hanna is looking at the picture on Spencer’s phone she scrolls through the images and finds the picture of Alison’s ID. Spencer finally admits that they’ve been lying to Hanna and have been working with Caleb. Enraged, Hanna storms home.

Caleb finds Hanna on her porch, perfectly illuminated in candlelight (does anyone ever look bad on this show?). Caleb apologizes for lying and explains that he was trying to protect Hanna. Upset, Hanna accepts his apology and explains that she’s trying to protect Caleb and her mom.

Hanna tells Caleb about the money her mom stole from the bank and Caleb realizes that he needs to step up his protection.

He goes to Jenna’s house to confront her about the text he thinks she sent Hanna about the money. Why does Caleb automatically assume it’s Jenna who’s texting Hanna? Does he know something we don’t? What else did he learn when he was working for Jenna?

Jenna’s not home, but apparently Garrett is the crappiest cop ever (okay, we knew that) and spends all his time on duty sitting outside Jenna’s house. He pulls up next to Caleb and tells him to stay away from Jenna.

After Caleb leaves to confront Jenna, Spencer goes to Hanna’s house to apologize and cry again! I’ve never seen Spencer cry so much!

From her sister hating her to breaking Toby’s heart, Spencer may have had the worst treatment from A out of all the girls. Spencer gets Hanna up to date on the new developments from A’s phone and Hanna remembers seeing Alison in a black wig. Hanna was at the salon and Alison was next to her getting her hair done and making all the hairstylists call her Vivian Darkbloom.

The girls google the name and realize that it’s an anagram that author Vladimir Nabokov used. He wrote Lolita and Hanna grabs the copy of the book she borrowed from Ali.

Ali was always carrying the book around with her and inside the girls find a claim ticket.

Spencer calls the company the next day and amazingly they still have Alison’s goods. But what kind of company are they? Is this another storage locker?

Just when Hanna thinks all her problems with Kate are over it looks like A has performed their most cruel act yet. A hacked Hanna’s phone and sent the school a naked picture of Kate, making it look like Hanna sent the image. Oh Hanna, though I love your hair and outfits and think your boyfriend is sooooooo cute, I do not want to be you right now.

In the final cryptic scene of the episode we see A break into Spencer’s dads office and steal a gun he keeps in his desk. I have a feeling the naked picture of Kate isn’t the only instance of blackmail we’re going to see this season.

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