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PLL Episode 2: Guys, We’re NOT Guilty!

June 24th, 2011

Our fab four separating is as unbelievable as “A” single-handedly throwing Aria across a room. Oh wait….

“A” is definitely bringing her/his “A” game (ha!) to the table as Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer figure out how to catch Ian and prove he’s the one that killed Alison.

Because he is…isn’t he?

Watch “A”s victory dance HERE then click for more as we piece together more of the PLL puzzle!

Spencer gives us all the goods as she introduces us to the new Jason DiLaurentis and finds out who Melissa’s been making secret visits too.

Alison’s brother has moved back into their old house and is hell-bent on finding out who killed his sister. So everything should be sunshine and happy faces where Spencer is concerned, right?

Uh…NO! Jason doesn’t quite believe Spencer’s story. And he’s got a point. Technically, Ian didn’t admit to killing Alison. He was just trying to kill Spencer.

I hope that gives ol’ Spence the closure she was looking for.

Meanwhile, after realizing Ian is alive and kicking (and apparently texting) Spencer is determined to find out if they can locate where Ian is hiding. After all, he’s gotta be close by; there’s been an outbreak of garage break-ins where hiking equipment’s been reported stolen.

Exactly what Ian a man on the run would need.

Melissa isn’t leaving her phone out of her eyesight again. So Spencer takes to poking around other belongings…and finds out Melissa met with Ian (right?) to show him a picture of her ultrasound!

Aria is also determined to get answers. After his little departure bombshell (he’s a uni prof now) he gives his class a beautiful “every-student-knows-you-are-talking-about-Aria” good-bye speech and begs Aria for a moment to talk about where things stand.

After getting stood up by Ezra, Aria learns no answer is an answer itself and sneaks off to Spencer’s to commiserate except…

… “A” answers the door! Aria has interrupted the robbery of Spencer’s house, and pays for it by getting thrown across a room and smashed into a table!

Hanna makes up with Mona after realizing everybody else is going along with the break-up. She doesn’t like the sitch, and calls them all on it: if they go with their orders to separate, that proves to the town they’re guilty.

For the record, does anyone else hate that Hanna is always right but nobody listens to her?

Anyways, to make sure Hanna cleans up her act (because parents don’t approve of murder) Mr. Marin makes his return to Rosewood. Hanna gives him all the attention of a piece of garbage, but Ms. Marin offers him a glass of wine instead.

These two will probably be hitting it in future episodes. Blackmail material for “A” perhaps?

Emily focuses on her life outside her friends and gets scouted by a swimming coach who offers her a scholarship. Well, sort of. He’s interested, but that’s all he can say for now.

Emily needs to use this as her way to stay in Rosewood. Her mother has agreed, if she gets an offer, she can stay.

Now all she has to do is somehow twist the scout’s words around to look like an offer and BOOM – all is rosy in Rosewood.

Emily can already see the solution in her mind, so she’s already off on another relationship again – she’s dating Samara now.

All should be well for her except…..her computer hard drive has been wiped out. While the Fields were hosting their open house, “A” came in and erased the video.

Meaning all the evidence of Ian spying on underage girls is gone. Except for the USB key Ian had on him when he died.

Dun dun dun….the plot thickens!

But “A” is not completely effing their lives up. After playing over everything back and forth in her mind, Aria needs to see Ezra one last time before they say good-bye. And in fact, they don’t say good-bye. They don’t do much talking at all!!!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

Watch MuchMusic Tuesday @ 8PM ET/9PM ET for the next new episode!

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Episode 1: “I’m Starting To Think That B***h Has Superpowers”

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