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PLL Episode 20: Somebody called the cops

March 14th, 2011

The police are heating up their investigation on Alison’s disappearance and Spencer has become Suspect #1! Plus, Caleb shows his true colours and Jenna gets a taste of her own medicine. That and much, much, much more on Episode 20 of Pretty Little Liars!

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After the police found out that she was lying about her affair with Ian they’ve moved Spencer to the top of the wanted list. They’ve obtained a warrant to search her room and have descended upon poor Spencer and her underwear.

Ian does what Ian does best and creepily walks by, emotionless. He’s soooo scurry.

Spencer warns the girls that they should get rid of anything incriminating in their rooms in case the police decide to search their houses next. Aria puts all of her ‘Ezra’ things in a bag, except for one book, which she leaves. In her room. SMH. Then she gives the bag of evidence of her illegal teacher/student affair to Emily, whose things could also be searched. COME ON. SMH harder.

Aria’s lack of good judgment is not limited to her moving physical objects from point a to b. After her parents announce they might be getting back together she is obviously in a really great mood.

She’s soooo happy that she doesn’t double check her phone before sending a mushy text to her mom instead of Ezra. Thankfully, she still seems to have some damn sense and didn’t include his name. Aria! Head in the game!

Hanna is still riding high on the love train with Caleb, especially when she finds a beautiful owl necklace in his bag. It’s obvs for her to symbolize their night together in the tent…right?

Later that day Aria and Emily overhear Caleb having a heated discussion on his phone. It sounds like he’s trying to make plans with another girl.

Aria still doesn’t know how to properly hide evidence, but she can hide herself, so I’ll give her props for that. Caleb doesn’t see the girls and they immediately find Hanna.

Hanna refuses to believe the girls and shockingly, Spencer ‘the judgment fairy’ Hastings actually sticks up for Hanna and tells the girls it’s probably a misunderstanding. Who knew that having your personal life investigated was all it took for Spencer to stop judging people?

Hanna has almost convinced herself that Caleb is innocent, until the four girls see Jenna walk into the caf…wearing the owl necklace. Where. Is. Caleb. The girls watch Jenna take off the necklace and use it as a usb. Oh snaps, what it on that thing?!?!

Hanna tries to find Caleb, but he has suddenly gone MIA. Poor timing if you’re trying to look innocent, my friend. She tries 2-1-4 for his locker combo, the number that Jenna wrote on the pad and the hotel room that she stayed in, and it works.

Caleb finally comes home to Hanna’s and admits that Jenna paid him to snoop on Hanna and hack into her computer. But when Caleb realized that Jenna was going further than some petty fight and he started to have feelings for Hanna, he stopped.

But it’s too late. He’s broken Hanna’s heart and she kicks him out. Aw tear, I loved Haleb!

The next day at school the girls see Jenna in the bathroom.

Hanna walks up to Jenna and smacks the bejesus out of her, sending her sunglasses flying. Jenna, shockingly, starts to cry. I thought monsters didn’t have tear ducts? Also, I still don’t think she’s really blind.

Things are getting progressively weirder with Emily and Paige. After Emily ended things with Paige the two have tried to avoid each other. But here comes good ol’ Sean, Hanna’s ex, asking Emily for advice on dating Paige. Um, become a girl?

Sean does ask Emily out and she agrees, but after the date she finds herself at Emily’s house. If she wasn’t sure before, Sean kissing her was even more confirmation – Paige is gay and can’t hide the truth from herself anymore. It looks like she and Emily might be back on! I think I like this pairing. The show could use a ginger.

Spencer, obviously, has not gotten used to a constant police surveillance team outside her house. But her new bf Toby is well-educated in these dealings and helps Spencer deal with the strangeness of the situation.

Later Toby and Spencer have a date night in front of the fire. Le sigh. Spencer starts asking Toby about running away and tells him that she tried when she was 7, but no one noticed. Le sad. Toby makes her promise that if she runs away again she has to tell him first. Back to le sigh.

That night Spencer gets back from a run and finds Ian sitting in the living room with no lights on. Maybe he’s eco-friendly? More like eco-creepy. Ian offers Spencer help with running away, but she refuses saying that he’s trying to help her escape to make her look guilty. Ian warns Spencer that if she sticks around and the police arrest her it will already be ‘too late.’ Bah!

That night Spencer’s mom comes into her room after talking to the police. They found microfibers from Alison’s sweater that she was wearing the night she disappeared (which later ended up in Toby’s room) on Spencer’s bracelet. Oh shizz. Things. Just. Got. Realz.

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