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PLL Episode 22: For Whom The Bells Toll

March 22nd, 2011

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Who is still reeling after last night’s incredible Pretty Little Liars finale?!?!? Everyone? That’s what I thought. That’s. What. I. Thought. I will share nothing until after the jump because I would not want to ruin the BEST episode of PLL EVER for anyone. All those who haven’t watched the finale should form a line and click hurre to peep the episode.

Everyone else follow me!

The girls have watched the rest of the movies on the USB they found in Ali’s storage unit and it includes a video of Jenna trying to seduce Toby. Annnnnd ew.

Spencer decides that it’s time for the girls to wave the white flag and try to get some info from the enemy, aka Jenna. I’m scurred.

Aria gets a text the next morning from Ezra saying they need to talk and that a cop was at his apartment. OH SNAPS! She rushes to the school and finds Ezra, somehow not in handcuffs. Ezra tells Aria that he resigned…because he got a job at the University! Haha, yay!

Kinda. Geez Ezra, learn how to deliver news better! Ezra tells Aria that the cop (Garrett) was only asking about Spencer. This is big news for Ezria. They’ll be able to hang out in public now that he’s not her teacher! Except that she’s still a minor. How does neither of them get that? This also means that Ezra will be in Aria’s house tonight while her dad hosts the Faculty mixer. Mmmmhhhmmmm, somethin’ somethin’ goin down tonight?

Hanna has finally admitted to herself that she is devastated over Caleb peace’ing out on the relationship. Ashley lends her support and asks Hanna about the letter from Caleb. Hanna tells her that she never got a letter, which confuses Ashley since he seemed so intent on giving it to Hanna. That’s because he was!!!! Ooooohhhh I despise you, Mona!

At school Hanna runs into Mona and asks her about the letter. Mona flakes off the question…despise you! Then she gives Hanna a creepy goodbye kiss on the cheek. Weird. Lucas (YAY! Lucas is back!) overhears the convo.

Melissa and Ian are planning the christening for their baby. Anyone notice that Melissa doesn’t even look preggers? Just saying. Spencer makes a joke about the baby being an alien (sheesh, if they’re lucky!) and Melissa gets mad. Shocker.

Emily’s day arguably starts the worst out of all the girls. Her mom has some news about Emily’s dad…he’s fine. Damn! Why can’t anyone in this show deliver news properly? If you’re giving news about someone in the army, spit it out so we don’t all think something horrific happened! Anywho, Emily’s dad is stationed in Texas and his tour is being extended. He wants the family to move to Texas to be with him. Noooooo Em!

At school the girls see Jenna walk into the music room and know that this is their chance to find out what the ish is going on.

After they tell Jenna that they saw the video of her with Toby, she finally starts talking. And here we go. Alison did come to visit Jenna at the hospital the day before Ali went missing.

Alison had just found the videos of the girls and Jenna and Toby together. According to Alison, “The guy I like likes to make movies.” Sooooo Ian? But thennn she says “The boy next door gets off on watching all the girls next door.” Let’s review. The girls first met Ian when he was dating Melissa and lived in a Frat House. Remember the party they were at where the girl fell down the stairs while Ali was missing? Right. So who else lives next door? Toby. But Toby was in the videos, so it’s not him. Garrett? Garrett knows the girls because he grew up next to Emily, who lives across the street from Toby and Jenna’s house and Emily’s house. Both houses are being spied on in the videos.

Moving on, Jenna tells the girls that Alison told her that if she told anyone it was Alison who threw the firecracker and not Toby then she would expose the video of Toby and Jenna. She then told Jenna that if she ever came back to Rosewood, Ali would bury her. The next day Alison went missing.

In return for her info the girls tell Jenna that they will make sure no one sees the video of Jenna and Toby together. Whew. I need a nap after all that.

With this info the girls decide its time to finally nail Ian to the wall. Spencer, who seems to know about being a criminal, buys a cell phone with a number that can’t be traced. She sends Ian a message while the four girls are watching him in the caf that says they have Ali’s video.

Ian gets the message and leaves the caf, then texts the girls asking what they want. Hanna texts Ian and tells him to meet them in the park that night with $10,000. The money should throw him off their trail and once they video tape him showing up at the park they’ll have enough evidence to go to the police.

Mona shows up (despise!!!) and makes herself comfy. The girls all leave the table. Good call. Unfortunately Hanna leaves her cell on the table. Bad call. Of course, at that moment she gets a call from CALEB! Mona answers and tells Caleb that Hanna ripped up his letter and doesn’t want to speak to him.

Lucas overhears this convo (where isn’t he?) and confronts Mona and accuses her of lying about the letter. You da bomb, Lucas.

Mona says that if Lucas doesn’t tell Hanna the truth about the letter and phone call then she’ll help him be cool. Um, do you see Patrick Dempsey somewhere? No. No you don’t.

After school Jenna is in her room on the phone and tells the person on the other end that ‘they’ have seen the video. The next shot is Ian on the phone, so she’s talking to Ian? Maybe? Maybe not?

Garrett runs into Emily as she’s walking to her house and gives her his cell number in case she ever needs anything. Emily tells Garrett that she’s upset that he’s following Spencer, but he says he knows Spencer would never hurt Alison. Yay! Someone on our side.

Oh wait, it’s been five seconds. Time for a bombshell. How about Garrett making out with Jenna in her room????!!!!!

Jenna’s old make out partner is hanging out with his new girlfriend, Spencer. Toby is worried about Spencer being in danger tonight, but Spencer wants Toby to keep Jenna busy while the girls deal with Ian. Aw Toby, we swoon for you.

Aria is helping out with the faculty mixer at her dad’s place until it’s time to make the drug, er, video deal with Ian. She’s pretty stoked that Ezra is in her house, until someone from his past shows up!

Well looky looky who else is teaching at Hollis; Ezra’s ex-FIANCE Jackie. You know, the chick we just found out about because Ezra never told Aria.

Aria is supa peeved at Ezra for keeping the secret and now for getting a job at the same school his ex is teaching at. Is this the end of Ezria?

Hanna thinks it’s the end of Haleb and after shedding a few tears, deletes him from her phone. Nooooooo!

But guess who didn’t delete Caleb’s number? Lucas!!!! Lucas wants Hanna to be happy and most likely despises Mona like the rest of us (or just me). Lucas picks Caleb up and drives him to Rosewood…or at least I would assume so. We don’t find out. Tear.

Melissa texts Spencer to pick her up at the church after Ian doesn’t show and once they’re in the car, Melissa starts to panic that something happened to her baby-daddy. She realizes that she left her phone in the church, but before they can go back, WHAM! A car hits them! In the hospital Melissa is pretty banged up and they’re monitoring for signs of the baby. Spencer gets a call from Aria, who is also panicking, because Spencer didn’t show up at the park to meet Ian.

Spencer tells Aria what happened and Aria says they can handle everything. Spencer decides to head to the church to get Melissa’s phone.

At the park the girls have called for back up. Phew. Oh, but it’s Garrettt. AHHHHH! And he brought his nug! I mean, gun! What off-duty cop carries their gun around? A shady one.

Ian shows up with the money…but it’s not Ian! Some (supa cute) dude shows up instead with the money and says that some guy found him on the internet and paid him to deliver the money. Soooooo where’s Ian?

Oh, that be in the church, following Spencer. Terrified, Spencer tells Ian that she saw the videos and then throws the USB and makes a run for it. Fingers crossed she made copies!

Spencer runs up the steps of the bell tower and calls Emily. She drops her phone, but Emily picks up while the girls are in the car and they can hear Spencer screaming and telling Ian that her mother will come looking for her in the church. The girls call the police and boot it to Spencer, but it looks like it will be too late.

Ian and Spencer fight and Ian tells Spencer that he left a suicide note on Spencer’s computer that will make it look like she killed herself out of the guilt of killing Alison. Spencer pleads with Ian to not throw her off the bell tower, and just as he’s about to finish her off, someone in a black hoody appears and pushes Ian, who lands in ropes, hanging himself.

The girls find Spencer and hug, thinking that with Ian dead everything is finally over.

But we know that ain’t how PLL rolls. After the police arrive they call the girls back in the church because…Ian’s body is gone! Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Outside in the crowd we spot Noel Kahn. Hmmmmm. The girls get a final text for the Season from ‘A’, that reads “It’s not over until I say it is. Sleep well, while you can. – A”.

And that, my friends, was a serious season finale.

Points of discussion:

– Lucas and Caleb were no where to be seen after we got a (too brief) glimpse of them in Lucas’ car. Where they the car that hit Spencer and Melissa???
– Spencer pleads with Ian to not killer her if he really loves Melissa. Ian says he’s killing Spencer because he loves Melissa. Is Melissa in on this or what?
– How long have Garrett and Jenna been together? Did Jenna actually call Ian or was he talking to someone else on the phone and vice versa?
– Did Lucas pick up Caleb to be nice to Hanna or has he got something bad planned for our fave bad boy?
– Where was Paige? Is Maya ever coming back?
– Noel Kahn was spying on Aria and Ezra at Mona’s party in the woods, in a black hoody, and Hanna spotted him. Did he put his black hoody on again tonight? He got to the church pretty fast.
– What were Toby and Jenna doing while everything was going down at the Church? Did either of them save Spencer?
– Lastly, for those of you keeping track of the illegal relationships with minors, we’re up to five: Spencer and Wren, Spencer and Ian, Alison and Ian, Jenna and Garrett and Ezra and Aria. You could fill an entire jail with the cast of PLL.

Don’t miss a second of your fave show when Pretty Little Liars returns with brand new episodes on June 14 exclusively on MuchMusic!

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