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PLL Episode 6: Love, Pain & The Whole Damn “A” Thang

July 20th, 2011

Webster’s, get ready to redefine “blonde bombshell” ’cause “A” definitely gave Alison the make over she truly deserves! As Rosewood rallied for a charity fashion show, new loves were discovered, new decisions were made and we learn Ali’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, is public enemy number one!

To witness the biggest fashion faux-pas ever, click HERE, then read on as we figure out why we’d still love Noel Kahn even if he is “A”.

Jessica DiLaurentis storms into town for Rosewood’s annual charity fashion show. Seems normal, right? How normal is it when she asks her dead daughter’s friends to model Ali’s old (but still sexily fashionable) clothes on the runway? Still normal?

Well, whatever they felt, our pretty little liars said yes. Oh, they’re soooo good at lying these days! Spencer’s the one in control running the show…until Mona takes over. And by far, the best part of the episode was watching the two battle it out for fashion show dominance!

Spencer could totally take Mona…but good thing sweet Tobey’s around to calm Spencer down.

Aria decides to involve Jason because she loves those wild locks of hair because it’s his sister AND because she want to see if talking about the night Alison disappeared would trigger any of those lost memories he complained about last week. She lies to her BFFs, making them all think she’s hanging with Ezra…

…but her attempt at playing a memory doctor was close but no cigar. She did manage to piss him off and destroy any hope of getting their make-out on.

Spencer overhears her father ear-blasting someone on the phone. After he totally lies about it, she finds out it’s Jessica DiLaurentis. And they were fighting about Jason.

Now what on earth does that have to do with Spencer’s dad? Later on, when Spencer asks about it, her father flat out warns her to stay out of it and stay away from Jason. Hmm…

Emily convinces her mother to leave town until school ends. Which teenagers can pull that off in real-life? I wanna meet them!

As Mrs. Fields is about to leave to reconnect with her husband, Emily sets the stage for some lovin’ with Samara. Except that Emily may not be Samara’s one and only!

As the fashion show starts, trouble keeps popping out faster than pins to a hem. Samara brings another girl to the fashion show. Why? Because Emily is moving away and they never said they were exclusive. Yowza!

And guess who starts World War 3? Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis! Fighting in public (but somehow Spencer can’t hear them…?)

Hanna sees her father and mother bumping and grinding during the show. Her father hasn’t left yet because he wanted to stay to see Hanna on the runway. LIE! Hanna’s father is really in love with Ms. Marin again, and tells Hanna he wants her back.

After that shocker, Hanna does get some happy time – Caleb shows up at the fashion show. Uninvited and looking dapper as hell, he knew Hanna would need a friend right then and there…and there he was! Awww…..

And then all hell breaks loose. As the girls finally think they’ve redeemed their image by giving Ali a nice tribute (remember the park memorial? destroyed. Remember Ian’s arrest? They couldn’t find the body) they realize they should never hope for closure.

The beautiful images of Alison on the runway as they model her clothes turns red with fire as a voice starts chanting horrible names and the words “Bitch” and other ugliness appears on the images as the slideshow turns Alison’s face into the devil!

Oh yeah. It was THAT bad.

Spencer runs to unplug the slideshow, but the damage is done. Aria is left alone on stage to face the fact nobody trusts the Pretty Little Liars anymore as Jessica DiLaurentis runs out screaming.

Noel pops back into the picture to taunt Aria about the switched tribute CD. But how do you stave off a sexy guy? Cause evil or not, Noel is still super sexy! By bringing in an even sexier guy!

Jason DiLaurentis comes in, destroys the CD, and takes Aria home (because her “concerned” parents let her fend for herself after all the ugliness of the fashion show. Tut tut.)

So the question is, who made the horrible slideshow? Aria created it, Mona and Spencer handed it to Noel, and Noel had the CD in the end? Is it a Noel/Mona team up? They could be Rosewood’s new evil couple!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

Watch MuchMusic Tuesday @ 8PM ET/9PM ET for the next new episode!

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