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PLL Episode 8: Be A Candy Striper Today! (Liars & Murderers Need Not Apply)

August 3rd, 2011

If you’re planning on becoming a doctor, you should move to Rosewood. Alison. Hanna. Emily. “A” fills those hospital beds AND keeps the morgue staff busy.

Plus, Spencer and Aria look smokin’ in candy stripes.

Our Pretty Little Liars get the low down on Officer Garrett AND find out how Alison died. Click HERE to be in the know then read ahead as we analyze every awkward and inappropriate comment Hanna makes! (and she makes a lot of them!).

And we hit the ground running, picking up right where we left off: Spencer dipping right after Aria waves her giant red flag about Officer Garrett.

Our PLLs head off to find out what exactly it is about Garrett that rubs them the wrong way. Oh, could it be he’s rubbing up against a nearly nekkid underage blind girl?

And Aria, just because you have your eyesight doesn’t make your Ezra situation any different!

Anyways, now they know. Spencer wastes no time in brushing Garrett off and dismissing him from their lives.

Which, by the way, totally tips off Garrett and Jenna that the girls are on to them. But they wonder if the girls also know about Jason. Know about Jason WHAT!?! We’ll have to figure that one out later…

The best moment of this scene? Hanna totally calling out Aria’s delinquent brother. Hey, he IS!

Emily’s been slowly going nuts about her swimming. She lied about getting into Danby, she’s been training extra hard to make sure she gets into Danby, and she’s had to referee every time her parents try to dig deeper into her scholarship.

And where there’s stress, there’s an ulcer, and Emily collapses at school. And Hanna feels guilty for not noticing…

But that’s not the worst part. After her father tells her screw the scholarship he just wants Emily to get well…Emily finds out she may never swim again. “A” has been putting H.G.H. (human growth hormone) into her pain cream. So now it looks like Emily’s been cheating to score her awesome swim times. Which will land her ZERO scholarships.

The best moment of this scene? Hanna totally not moving on from “she has a whole in her stomach?”

Spencer decides Emily’s hospital stay is the best thing that could happen to the fab four cause now she can ditch her prim-and-proper dress for some candy stripes and go digging through Alison’s postmortem reports.

And what she finds BLEW OUR MINDS! Not only was Alison struck by a rounded object (like, say, the Hastings’ family hockey stick?) to the back of the head….but SHE WAS BURIED ALIVE! That’s gotta be the worst way to die!

But is that the whole story? While searching for the truth, Spencer realizes the autopsy is missing a page. And who stole it?

“A”. Lying right on a table under a sheet in the pathology lab AS SPENCER AND ARIA WERE IN THERE! O-M-F-G!

Aria seems to be taking this all pretty well. That’s because she’s sooooooo over “A”. She’s busy laying Ezra’s fears aside that she hasn’t fallen in love with a boy her own age and is perfectly committed to their illegal relationship.

Add to that her brother’s convict status and his blaming the parents for all his problems and I’d say Aria’s got her hands full.

Too full to realize more clues are pointing to her new-found BF Jason as a supect in Alison’s murder…

Hanna’s also taking everything in stride. Her dad and mom heading straight back to sharing the same bed….except that daddy’s new wifey sends Hanna an invite to their upcoming nuptials. And that breaks the allusion Ashley Marin was leaving. She realizes her ex will never know what he wants, and asks him to leave.

That sends Hanna into one of her rampages. Thank God she’s not behind the wheel of a car this time! But she does let out her steam on an undie she thinks is tailing Caleb for his past bad boy deeds. She warned Caleb about being followed (in a beautiful disguise BTW) but in the end, the tail wasn’t the authorities. So who was it?

The best moment of this scene? Hanna totally chewing this dude out. He DID NOT see that coming!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

Watch MuchMusic Tuesday @ 8PM ET/9PM ET for the next new episode!

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