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PLL Hallowe’en Special: Lady Gaga & Noel Kahn Created “A”

October 31st, 2011

Like any die-hard Pretty Little Liars fan, you’ve probably watched the Hallowe’en episode a million times by now (I’m totally watching it again tonight! Those trick-or-treaters better not interrupt me…) If it wasn’t for the popularity of Lady Gaga and Noel Kahn’s “damn-I’m-so-fine-with-my-come-hither-smile” antics at his Hallowe’en party, maybe “A” wouldn’t exist.

But lucky for us “A” does and we see “A”‘s first freaky attacks and how Alison managed to keep her girls close at her side (she’s a Queen B alright…).

Click HERE to see all our “A” suspects like Mona, Jason DiLaurentis, Lucas, Noel Kahn and Melissa Hastings from Alison’s point of view before she died and read on and catch any clues you missed.

Plus, before you go out and get your freakiness on, watch an encore presentation on broadcast tonight @ 7PM ET!

Alison is one bad mother. Would you be friends with a girl who thinks she’s a good friend by NOT THREATENING you with telling the rest of the gang about how your father’s a horny prof screwing his students?

Or if she tampers with the Rosewood High class president elections and tells you the rest of your clique (I think Alison’s lying about this, BTW) didn’t vote for you?

How about if she keeps you down by keeping you fat and hefty, and never lets you forget it? Thank God she didn’t know Ms. Marin was already flirting with Officer Wilden.

At least we know she’s okay with gays – except that she uses that as leverage over Emily when she notices how much Emily is drooling over new girl Jenna Marshal.

And we already know how she treats Mona (also known as an “it” – ignore “it” and maybe “it” will go away) and the herm, Lucas (he has both parts – male and female). But didn’t you love the fact she didn’t even recognize Mona in her cat costume. But in Mona’s own words, “you will…”.

The only friends who know how to stand up to her are fellow popular kids Noel Kahn and the gang. And they’re jerks too – Ben is telling everybody he’s already sleeping with Emily.

At least she gets put in her place with new girl Jenna Marshal. Her mother just married Tobey’s father, and she’s moving into Rosewood. After Alison welcomes her to Rosewood and the possibility of being one of her besties (as long as she puts away the Lady Gaga costume – Queen B is the only one who’s dressing up as mother monster tonight) Jenna retaliates by brushing her off – saying she’d rather make her own friends.

Maybe her home life is better? After an uncomfortable encounter with her brother Jason (it’s almost like Jason WANTS her to know he’s taping her behind her back) she gets a little present. A voodoo doll with the message “it’s my turn to torture you”.

Okay, ix-nay on the home life. Maybe she has other redeeming qualities? She does come by to help give Spencer a pep talk on running for class president. But by then she’s already posing up with Ian in front of a camera, and he seems to like it. And Melissa is none-the-wiser despite Alison punking her off straight to her face time and time again.

So in a nutshell, Alison was one bad mother. And it was because she was alone. She didn’t earn her friends, she scared them into friendship. She hated people less popular and always had to appear tough to the ones that were. She needed the attention of adults (or at least male adults) at the price of her dignity.

So what do you do when you’re alone? You make sure you have friends, however you acquired them, to come to your rescue. Alison staged a false attack in an abandoned house and made sure her four girls would be there to save her.

Except for one small detail. Her attacker was real. It was supposed to be Noel Kahn, but he was too busy being sexy somewhere else. And the freakier part? At least six different people were wearing the freaky baby-face costume as “A”!

But we know at least one of them was definitely “A” as Alison got a text right as all six of them were surrounding her.

I can’t wait till January when new episodes of Pretty Little Liars return to MuchMusic!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…

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