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PLL Recap 18: Don’t rat me out

February 24th, 2011

We finally get some blood in this episode! But who does it belong to? That, plus a NUDE scene, a fight and another girl injured after standing next to Ian. It was a busy week on PLL. Let’s get recapping!

*Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this weeks episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Spencer and Hanna are trying out for parts in the school play The Bad Seed and guess which hottie teacher is the director? That would be Ezra, er, Mr. Fitz. The girls sit together and practice their lines, but I’m more interested in Aria’s sweet tuxedo shirt.

Jenna shows up to the audition and asks Mr. Fitz if she can play the flute for the production. Harmless enough, but she does it in the most creeptastic way possible. She tells Ezra that the play is inspiring because it’s about people being evil. Alrighty then.

Spencer has a nightmare and dreams that she hears a baby crying in her living room and is about to pick the baby up when she’s grabbed from behind. She comes downstairs the next morning to find Ian creepily putting his old trophies in boxes. Okay, he’s doing it normally, I just find him scurry. Ian tells Spencer that she needs to stop suspecting him of having something to do with Alison’s disappearance. He also tells Spencer that Alison was stalking him before she disappeared.

Someone who’s not being creeped out by Ian is Aria. She shows up at Ezra’s apartment and suggests that he make her stage manager so that they can hang out more. That’s all find and dandy, but let’s discuss what’s really important here. A sleeveless scene has finally been written in for Ezra! Dayum!

Hanna is having her own spicy morning and is forced to jump into the shower with a naked and wet Caleb when her mom comes home unexpectedly. It appears that Hanna likey what she see-y.

At school the girls see Ian handing Jenna a bag. I’m sure this will become important later, but for now, not so exciting.

Later that day at play rehearsal Mona is back and acting like a beetch as always. She starts by teasing Hanna about Caleb and then moves on to trying to order Aria around.

Ian walks into the room ‘lost’, but this causes a flashback to a frat party that Alison got the girls into with a fake ID. At the party a girl was drunk and went upstairs with Ian, even though he was dating Melissa at the time. More on this to come.

At rehearsal things seem to be going find until Aria calls Ezra…Ezra. Not Mr. Fitz. Oh shizz.

Emily offers to bring Toby his French book for Spencer so that she can visit her old friend. Toby tells Emily that he found out it was Jenna who turned him in to the police so that she could keep him close. They agree to meet for breakfast the next day. But when Emily shows up the next morning Jenna is sitting on the porch and tells her that Toby already left with Spencer. Then she proceeds to make me add ‘flute players’ to my list of things that scare me.

Spencer somehow convinces Toby to steal Jenna’s phone so that they can try to figure out whether she’s been talking to Ian.

The girls give the phone to Caleb to break into, but it’s a phone for the blind and he can’t figure out how it works. Also, I think Caleb is concerned about stealing a blind girl’s phone. If he saw her play the flute he’d understand.

Byron is still trying to force a bromance on Ezra and shows up at school and invites him out for a beer again. Ezra accepts and while the two are getting a drink Byron encourages Ezra to leave high school and try teaching at a college. He also drops the bomb that Aria is applying to schools in California.

Aria tries to apologize for calling Ezra by his first name, but he’s even more mad that she’s applying to schools in California. He points out that they shouldn’t be together because he’s holding her back from growing. Mmmhhhmmmm.

The four girls are left in the play rehearsal room and find a box with props, which includes a trophy with Ian’s name on it…and blood! The girls have another flashback to the party and this time they remember the drunk girl that was with Ian falling down the stairs. Alison appeared and told them to act cool and ask the police for a ride home so that they wouldn’t look like the were underage. FYI, this would never, ever, ever, ever work.

This time Emily remembers more, including Ian at the top of the stairs when the girl landed at the bottom.

Finally, finally, FINALLY the girls decide to go to the police with evidence and give them the trophy with blood on it. Leaving the police station they discuss the night of the party and remember that no one saw Ali when the girl was pushed down the stairs. Could Ian be right? Was Ali obsessed with him? Did she push the girl down the stairs to get her away from Ian? Faced again with the mortality of their friend, Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to mend things.

Hanna goes home to find Caleb packing to leave. She’s been unfriendly since seeing him naked and he assumed that it was because she didn’t like him. WRONG!

The next day a police officer finds the girls at school and takes them to the station, singling out Spencer specifically. It was blood on the trophy, but rat blood.

The episode ends with a shot of four rat cages all with the girls names on them. But Spencer’s rat is gone. *Shudder*

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